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the Black list the Ministry of Emergency Measures has replenished

At the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation new the black list . This time in Ekaterinburg three buildings have entered into it

" already; the Black list the Ministry of Emergency Measures is perchen buildings where conditions of fire-prevention security are not satisfied. And, as a rule, so, what to be in them it is dangerous. Here requirements are roughly broken and regularly writs of bodies of fire supervision are not carried out.
this time the all-Russian list included 207 objects (previous - March - the list contained 115). From the last list only on nine objects have eliminated more than 50 percent of infringements. The Ekaterinburg buildings among them, unfortunately, are not present. The Ural state medical academy on Repin, 3, - a unique building in Ekaterinburg which was included into the first list. Any infringement, according to firemen, there and have not eliminated. In a new variant of the list to high school two more buildings were added: Hostel UZHKH Trust of Union of Right Forces on Cosmonauts, 52 and Institute of protection of motherhood and infancy on Repin, 1, near with the old resident the list.

Motherhood protect in one of the most dangerous buildings of Russia.

these Three buildings are not unique for Ekaterinburg. Management of the state fire supervision constantly checks objects with mass abiding of people - premises where simultaneously there are 50 and more persons. In Moscow consider that have chosen in Ekaterinburg the most dangerous buildings. Thus at Sverdlovsk GO and CHS there is the the black list in which enters much more objects.

Alexander Sorokoletovsky, the chief of department of propagation GO and CHS, has told to the correspondent about typical infringements of rules of fire-prevention security which allow to bring a building in the black list :

And so on - only 25 remarks.

the black list the Ministry of Emergency Measures in Ekaterinburg: