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The head physician of maternity home where children have died, again will be the doctor

Marat Salahov after clearing from a colony comes to work in railway hospital Serova

the Head physician of Krasnoturinsky maternity home where in the winter of 2003 five newborns were lost, have ahead of schedule released from a colony in settlement East (it was the colony - settlement). Him have denounced on a sentence of city court of Krasnoturyinsk for “ the negligence which has caused  destruction of 5 babies “. Then business some times reconsidered, Salahov wrote appeals, declared hunger-strikes. The personnel of hospital and a part of townspeople has stood up for the doctor, considering that it have exposed “ extreme “ and such punishment is not merited.

in the beginning of June with the decision of presidium of Sverdlovsk regional court real punishment to it have replaced with the conditional. Now Salahov “ leaves “ two-year it is conditional - a trial period at home.
in some days it has found to itself(himself) new work. Marat Salahov will work as the doctor in central hospital at station Serov. Will work in a hospital. On conversations, the hospital collective has accepted the head physician of maternity home known already to all country easy. Quite probably that the majority even sympathised with it as to the colleague.