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Marina Kuzinu have enticed into Ekaterinburg the big money

It is said that to the basketball player have made in the Ural command very favourable proposal

the Name of the first beginner in structure UGMK, seemingly, it became known. 20 - summer centre the Orenburg club Hope Marina Kuzina has signed the contract with " command; foxes also it is ready to protect in a future season their colours oranzhevo - a flag of truce.

hearings about Marina`s moving to Ural Mountains have appeared several weeks ago. Then (read number from June, 6th) has assumed that the centre is ready to leave camp Hopes from - for quarrels with the head coach of the command Dmitry Shuvaginym.

Friction between Shuvaginym and the Cousin have begun in January, 2006 when the command was left by its former trainer Alexander Kovalev. Since then Marina varnished a bench, having ceased to pass in the basic structure. Trainings quite often came to an end with scandals - Dmitry Shuvagin chided the Cousin for hack-work .

And soon in the Orenburg club there were two new centre - Elen Shakirov and Elena Krikunenko. The future the Cousin remains not clear though in April it has been chosen on a draught in female NBA under 40 - ym number. Here then - that also there were hearings that 20 - the summer basketball player has concluded the contract with UGMK.

Well and the day before it has confirmed officially a management Orenburg Hopes . It is a lot of about it, truth, did not begin to speak.
the president of the command Leonid Tsenaev was limited only to pair a phrase to the correspondent - Orenburg :
- Marina has gone to continue career to Ekaterinburg. There to it have made very favourable proposal.

it is necessary to notice that " command; foxes becomes stronger the Orenburg players not for the first time. In 2004 to Ural Mountains - too from Hopes - The centre Love the Currant has got over. Now term of the contract with UGMK at Ljuby has already expired, and the basketball player has decided to make a small break in the sports career - it is going to become mum.
thus, transition by the Cousin in our club became original castling: Marina has moved to Ekaterinburg, and the Currant, to the contrary, has gone home where with might and main buys toddlers and diapers.