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Gone in a pre-trial detention centre hospital attendants beat a head about a lattice

the Former concluded pre-trial detention centre Maxim Zubrilin tells that to it has occurred

In numbers from June, 9th and on May, 26th we have told about the guy who was gone in a pre-trial detention centre 1. In summary it has got on charge in a robbery: has selected a mobile phone at the passer-by. During the investigation in Maxim have found out a purulent meningitis have put in hospital at a colony 2. Since then to it did not start up neither the lawyer, nor parents. Parents were in a hysterics: it turns out, the son simply was gone. And here in the beginning of its June have given to parents. For a society it did not represent now threat, and it have released to be treated: parents have received emaciated paralysed the cripple.

when Maxim transported from prison hospital in civil, he not especially wished to share impressions. Has been partly too emaciated, even short remarks were given to it with great difficulty. Partly, probably, simply was afraid that for its careless word can return in the chamber. One of these days the father of the guy has passed us the cartridge: it was possible to it razgovorit the son. Here that is written down on the cartridge:
- In a pre-trial detention centre have planted in the black chamber there beat - beat out indications. Beat on 5 - 6 times a day. Four days there sat. I do not remember further.

memoirs on abiding in a pre-trial detention centre break. Where - that during this moment it also has picked up the a purulent meningitis . By the way, according to doctors occurs it could if it couple of days provaljalsja on cold to a floor on a draught. Partly in a pre-trial detention centre it confirm - under the official version it have found just on a floor in an unconsciousness. Have placed in hospital at a colony - it the nearest to an insulator further.

- there at first lay on a floor. Hospital attendants beat, kicked, wiped feet. Then lay on a cot. Did not allow to eat till some days - punishment such was. Sometimes adhered to a bed belts. Beat a head about a bed lattice.

words about beatings are confirmed also with the survey spent by physicians in civil hospital. In Maxim have found out fresh opened (it when the bone sticks out through a skin. - a bus comment) Hand crisis, crises of edges, hematomas on all body.

and more one detail at the same time was found out: transfers which were left by Maxim`s parents vanished. In a pre-trial detention centre it has received only two of more than ten. And that of parcels fruit, meat products, coffee disappeared. To hospital at a colony and at all has come nothing.

now Maxim`s parents hope to bring action against pre-trial detention centre and hospital administration.


After an exit of the first materials to us the letter has come to edition on electronic mail from one of doctors of hospital of a pre-trial detention centre 1. Us accused that we have obviously exaggerated history with Maxim. And more that we have interceded for it, have made of the predator an unfortunate victim.
this system (the system of correctional facilities means. - a comment red.) Protects including you from such villains, as Zubrilin and To about . It only a case question that this Zubrilin has not burst you on a head and has not selected the cellular. When the similar happens, you if be able write something, I think, will not write, what it unfortunate almost dead body. Or will write? You know, such here to legal experts I wish to visit a role of the victim. Brains sets well .

And At this time

Cops - pohititelejuvoljat from bodies

Under the publication in we have made office investigation

In number from June, 7th wrote about three divisionals from Kamensk - Ural, the stolen teenager and 100 roubles extorting from it on vodka. Yesterday we were called by the head a press - services of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Sverdlovsk area Valery Gorelyh with an official statement:

- On the facts published in We have made office investigation. Experts of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs left for this purpose to Kamensk - Ural. Based on the results of testing the order of the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs the decision on dismissal of all three participants of a crime is accepted.

some heads of the Department of Internal Affairs Kamensk - Ural and RUVD Krasnogorsky area have been involved in a strict disciplinary responsibility, 9 employees RUVD of Krasnogorsky area have received any collectings, to one of them is declared about incomplete office conformity - in case of additional collectings it will be dismissed. The order is signed by the first deputy chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs Vladimir Filippovym.

Besides, according to Valery Gorelyh, after the consequence termination (when fault recognises court) heads Kamensk - more serious punishment can wait for the Ural Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.