Rus News Journal

As have a rest known uraltsy

Nikolay the CHRISTMAS CAROL, the playwright:

- High-grade holiday at me it will not turn out. So, I will a little take rest after this theatrical season will end. I will go to Kazakhstan, in village to parents. Then on a summer residence in Loginovo, it in Kamensk area.
and then again work will begin: we will prepare for a following season, to think over repertoire. New plays I will write necessarily.

the Best rest for the woman - on kitchen.
Jeanne LISOVSKY, the TV presenter:

I Will have a rest in the cafe

- Holiday at me has turned out urged. Studio has deluged, and I could not conduct the program. But closely was engaged in business which we have started together with the husband: we open cafe. Here three halls. In one Russian cuisine, in the friend east, the third - banquet. I selected the menu of Russian cuisine for the taste.
this institution in couple of weeks Will open, will be called the Vegetable marrow at Palycha - in honour of the husband.

to the KVNOVSKY captain - only on the sea.
Andrey of SMALL HORNS, the captain of KVN the Ural pelmeni :

I Will reach by the car the sea

- Rest should be combined with work - performances, concerts. In the end of July we will go with the command on KVN festival to Jurmala. And is already closer by August if I will find time, I will arrange automobile race with a family. We will go where - nibud to the south, to Black sea.

Vladimir of RUNNERS and Vladimir SHAHRIN, group a Chaif :

Holiday is spent only in Russia. On tours

- And at us holidays are not present. That is it will be, of course, but in the winter, in January. Always, basically, and occurs. And in the summer we go on tour on the country, at us powerful tour, we act in different cities: Perm, Voronezh, Peter, Vladivostok, Moscow. Now we, for example, in Rostov. We have a rest. We wait for a following concert.


Politicians holiday plans protect as military secret

the Governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel while all in affairs.

- at us an exhibition of arms, it is necessary to work. And where then will go to have a rest - there it will be visible, - have evasively responded us in a press - Edward Ergartovicha`s service. Employees of a city administration refuse and they shrug shoulders supposedly about holiday plans of the town governor on a broader scale know nothing. Though on last years it is known: Arcady Chernetsky - the fan of trips abroad, but this time it does not advertise a route. About holiday plans vitse - the mayor on the consumer market. on the sea will go - its subordinates have definitely informed. on White, probably? - we have asked (with hope of exotic). Not on white. And on what - he does not want, that it has been published - have responded us.