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Fans Spartaka will drive for the handle

Before a cup match with it is red - white unprecedented security measures

Preparation for forthcoming game are accepted goes at full speed. On a stadium football ground an Uralmash some times in day the huge lawn-mower plies: the glade prepares for forthcoming fight.

and yesterday the heads of the city Department of Internal Affairs have spent final rehearsal at stadium. Officer ranks, having inclined over the big map, attentively studied the scheme an Uralmash and its vicinities. Important questions were solved: where to arrange the basic forces OMON, what gate to let in fans and how to protect the VIP - visitors.

on July, 2nd, in day of the match, all access roads to stadium will be blocked. To leave cars it is necessary in several hundreds metres from sports arena. Fans should forget about spirits.
Beer and other alcohol under the arrangement with nearby shops will completely disappear from counters some hours prior to a match.

It is planned that the quantity of police officers, in comparison with usual games of the Russian superiority, will increase during a cup meeting five times. Most of all at stadium there will be a soldier from bodies and regiments PPS. According to preliminary data - nearby 800 persons. 12 - 15 cars of traffic police will draw Sunday duty in territory of all stadium. Some tens OMON FIGHTERS with bludgeons, boards and other accessories will settle down about spectator tribunes.

to Guards of the law and order on Sunday it is not necessary to miss.

Responsibility for security during the given match will bear not regional department of the Department of Internal Affairs (as it usually happens), and a municipal government.

the special attention will be given a meeting of the Moscow fans. A course on capital of Ural Mountains as inform sources in the ranks of capital fans, took 800 persons. It is planned that the great bulk of fans will arrive to Ekaterinburg on Sunday, directly before game.

- fans will meet at railway station, - has told The head of security service of football club Ural Mountains Sergey Ertov. Are there will be representatives of regional security structures, employees of security service of the station. To let out visitors from a kind gathers nobody. By the way, we before a match will specially clean all seats from a guest tribune. Because plastic armchairs - the best weapon in fight on sector...

Spartak will arrive to Ekaterinburg today at 16 o`clock. Football players will take place in numbers Atrium the Hotel Oriental carpet and then will go on an Uralmash - to spend training and to estimate the situation.

the Ural fans do not want to fall the person in a dirt before Muscovites and consequently prepare supershow.

And at players Ural Mountains yesterday there was a day off. To children have allowed to spend time with a family. But in the evening of football players have collected and have amicably brought on base. There bumblebees also will be adjusted on a forthcoming match.

we remind fans once again: a Sunday meeting Ural Mountains and Spartaka within the limits of 1/ 16 cup-finals of Russia will begin in 19. 00. On stadium it is better to come in advance easy to take a place.


Fans Sverdlovsk Ural Mountains !

With a view of security during a cup duel the input changes the arrangement for stadium.
to pass on tribunes it will be possible only from recreation centre UZTM!
From other input will start up only fans Spartaka for which the special sector of tribunes is allocated.