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The Ural stars will teach all to tell correctly on cellular

Ekaterinburg - the first city in Russia where create mobile etiquette

the Round table Mobile etiquette the company " spent; Bi a line . Have called all most visible persons of a city: musicians Semantic hallucinations fashionable city designers of clothes, sportsmen and scientists.

though people occupied, but have come all. It is visible, it is valid has got : well to whom it is pleasant, when thy the neighbour in the bus, talking on cellular, shouts to you under an ear.

in general, probably, has come it is time to put things in order. Most patients questions made on the basis of sociological polls ROMIRa (the large independent research centre) which spent in 21 city of Russia.

- any rules! Any restrictions! - One of participants of a round table Konstantin Kiselyov, the deputy director of institute of philosophy and the right of the Ural branch of Academy of Sciences has categorically declared, and, having thought, has added: - The limit dialogue freedom, the better less.

Olympian Sergey Chepikov: - When I on training - not to call!

- As are not necessary! And me, for example, irritates here that: when the same subscribers call hours, and I intentionally do not take the call, - the Olympic champion on biathlon Sergey Chepikov was indignant in the answer.
- After all if the person does not take the call at once, what for to it continuously to call?!
at me trainings lasting many hours, and I do not presume to respond each called. I respond only to calls from familiar numbers. But some after all on half an hour call.

- and me has bothered to shudder from unexpected sharp and loud telephone signals! - Sergey Bobunets, the soloist " supports; Semantic hallucinations .

Musician Sergey Bobunets: - I shudder from sharp calls.

However, there and then admitted that itself was the infringer.

- yesterday I taxi hardly, one hand a wheel I am insolent, in other hand - cellular. Also I talk.

by the way, according to ROMIRa, only 13 percent of owners cellular switch off mobile phones when are at the wheel, 70 percent switch off them in the plane. But to rebuke the neighbour - to the infringer or nastuchat On it to the guide 20 percent interrogated have agreed only.

some hours argued. After discussion all have converged in one: rules - all of them - taki are necessary...

- and how people to force these rules to carry out? Perhaps to fine? As for public order infringement.

- it is not necessary to fine, - Dmitry Chebykin, the manager on public relations of the Ekaterinburg branch " calms; Bi a line . - Etiquette all - taki. It as a place to the woman in a tram to concede.


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