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Sverdlovsk film studio for the first time on « a Kinotavr »: Vera Glagoleva has made a declaration of love to the Ural director

the Actress has subdued a film the First on the Moon and personally Alexey Fedorchenko

Usual tradition: to open a film festival works of those who... Well, to put it mildly, more poorly. So to say, leaving most - most for a dessert. Present time - an exception. About it speak both jury, and critics, and participants of the most important film festival in Russia. Meaning a feature film of Ekaterinburg director Alexey Fedorchenko the First on the Moon . We were reached by the information that captious and exacting public has accepted a film very well. We have called Alexey Fedorchenko in Sochi.

- Alexey, we congratulate on the first victory, with good display!

- yes, all has passed well, the first responses the most pleasant, - Alexey has told to us by phone. - However, critics have very much taken offence. Spoke: What for you have deceived us!

critics have seriously believed that has been shown. That is that the first on the Moon the Soviet astronauts have visited, and the first rocket has been invented in Sverdlovsk on Himmashe still already in 30 - h years. Still: after all first all have understood that in a film classified documents are used.

moreover intentionally made old film which have got as if from KGB archives! (And how much the Ekaterinburg journalists were bought on it and have horrified also bewilderment a management of Himmasha which is oath assured that in 30 - h on a factory place was years one fence yes a foundation ditch and any laboratories! - a comment red.) .

- have then understood that it is a director`s course. There on a caption it becomes clear that it not the presents kosmoletchiki, and actors. And all began to argue, to what genre to carry the First on the Moon - the director continues to tell.

to Alexey Fedorchenko have passed Otara Ioseliani opinion on its picture. Known French - the Georgian director ( Morning of Monday ) Has told that it is the best Russian film lately. Were pleasant the First on the Moon and Vera Glagoleva.
- it approached and spoke to me many warm words, - Alexey speaks.

it is visible, words were so warm that the director was ashamed of them to repeat for us.

- that spoke, I will not repeat, - zaskromnichal the director. - she personally told them to me!

one more film of the Sverdlovsk film studio which participates in a Kinotavr - To you the angel " has come; director Nikolay Popkov.

a film about destiny and mysterious death of the known actor - stuntman Talgata Nigmatullin (one of leading roles in the Soviet insurgent Pirates of the XX-th century ) .

While have shown not all competitive films. Who takes the main prize, the director does not undertake to speak yet.

- even if we will win nothing, not terribly, - Alexey has told, - to participate in competition in such company - already well.

films of the Sverdlovsk film studio participate for the first time in this most prestigious Russian film festival.