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Scandalous film I Minister to the Soviet union has looked at only 5 percent of spectators

According to company monitoring « TNS Russia » hardly 5 % (703,1 thousand persons) there are more than Russian televiewers have looked on June, 22nd at NTV at a film « I Minister to the Soviet union » which has called indignation in a society and the culture Ministry.

the Film « I Minister to the Soviet union » Alexander Ustjugova it is removed under Leonid Menakera`s novel « the Dinner with a devil ». The picture tells about actions of the Soviet prisoners and heads of prison camp at collision with Germans in June, 1941. Many spectators were revolted with the treatment of historical events presented in a film.

Meanwhile, on June, 19th the minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky has sent the general director of a broadcasting company of NTV Vladimir Kulistikovu the letter in which named inappropriate film display on June, 22nd. In its opinion, the film many can be conceived « as the reviling of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and our historical memory ». However despite of everything the channel has let out a film in an aether, marks RIA Novosti news agency.

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