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Michael Jackson`s Saratov fans have arranged dancing fleshmob in its honour

the Legendary American actor dementing of some generations of the Earth, is live. Such startler was made by members Saratov the fan - Michael Jackson`s club.

- Certainly, not in literal sense, - one of fans of bottoms - the king Anna explains.   - but in our hearts it for ever remains live, full of energy and new ideas. Three years ago Michael Jackson did not become. However its songs on - former are popular. It is listened by our parents, grandmothers and grandfathers and even younger brothers and sisters.

Well, it is easy to believe in it! On dancing fleshmobe which has been arranged saratovtsami in day of death of the great actor, it was possible to see representatives of all age. However, those who are more senior, basically observed of an event aside. But students and schoolboys vigorously swung hands under « Thriller » in « Lipkah »   on the prospectus of Kirov near conservatory and at circus.

- Personally I know by heart almost Jackson`s all songs, - with pride declares 8 - summer Valera. The boy, as well as other fans, has come on fleshmob, that pochtit memory of the singer. - However, I dance not so, but, I think, for the following action I will necessarily be prepared. I after all to fleshmobu on video prepare, and now in dancing section I will register!