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In Nizhni Novgorod of traffic police will arrange a round-up of owners tonirovannyh a car

Employees of traffic police again will give particular attention to those who prefers to disappear from extraneous eyes in the car.

- traffic police management across the Nizhniy Novgorod region will perform on June, 26th preventive operation tonirovannoe glass in Nizhni Novgorod, - informs department of propagation of security of traffic and OAR UGIBDD GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs.  

the operation purpose - revealing and suppression of the facts of operation of vehicles not corresponding to technical regulations about security of wheel vehicles (the technical regulations are confirmed by the governmental order of the Russian Federation from September, 10th, 2009 720).

we Will remind, svetopropuskanie the glasses providing visibility for the driver, should be not less than 70 % for a windshield and forward lateral glasses.  

it will be offered to infringers to eliminate toning independently. In default or impossibility will eliminate infringement a place the driver to be involved in administrative responsibility on ch. 31 items 12. 5 Codes about administrative offences of the Russian Federation (the penalty of 500 roubles).  

Besides, to the drivers breaking the requirements of technical regulations, requirements about elimination of technical malfunction will be handed over. In a consequence if the driver does not fulfil the given requirement, its attraction to administrative responsibility under item 19 is possible. 3 Codes about administrative offences of the Russian Federation.

while punishment is provided in the form of the penalty from 500 to 1 thousand roubles or administrative arrest for the term up to 15 days.