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The court enforcement officer has got on a bribe in 250 thousand roubles

the Yaroslavl inspectors have filed criminal charges concerning the court enforcement officer - the executor of the Kirov regional department of court enforcement officers of a city of Yaroslavl. The employee of federal service suspect of attempt at bribe reception in size already 250 thousand roubles.

finish malicious intention the court enforcement officer could not owing to circumstances. Under the version of the investigation, the police officer carried out powers within the limits of executive manufacture on collecting from the citizen recognised as court guilty of reception of bribes, the penalty imposed on it. On a sentence of court the bribe taker should return to the state of two million roubles. However the police officer delayed execution of the decision and did not set business in motion And as it was found out, not casually.

- the Court enforcement officer himself has suggested the bribe taker to bribe and has promised to release it from penalty payment. The citizen has pretended that has agreed, and itself has informed in law enforcement bodies. During transfer of a bribe at a rate of 250 thousand roubles of the police officer also have detained, - have told in investigatory management SKR across Yaroslavl region.

Investigation of this criminal case only has begun. However to the suspect have already selected a preventive punishment. The court has satisfied the petition of the inspector and the court enforcement officer have arrested. Till the end of a consequence it will be in a pre-trial detention centre.

If the fault of the court enforcement officer will be proved, is maximum under shown article to it shines till 12 years of imprisonment, and also the large penalty to devjanostokratnoj the bribe sums.