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To the Moscow militiaman who has shot the infringer of traffic regulations, distances four years of prison

the Former police officer has received 4 years of a colony that it on imprudence has shot the infringer of traffic regulations in the winter of 2011.

the Court has established that 26 - summer Evgenie Tikhomirov, the former employee of private security at Department of Internal Affairs JUAO of Moscow, wanted to block the car of the infringer who has crossed double continuous, which by an official car has not stopped under requirements of employees of traffic police.

the Tragedy has happened so: the car of the infringer has been stopped, but it did not leave it as that was demanded by employees of traffic police. Then they have decided to break a window of the car an automatic machine barrel. The offender has pulled the weapon on itself and there was an involuntary shot in which result the person has died.

26 - summer Tikhomirov recognised as guilty as regards 3 articles 286 Excess of powers of office And to it have appointed punishment - 4 years of a standard regime penal colony and discharge from service in law enforcement bodies to 1 year, informs a press - service of Office of Public Prosecutor of a city of Moscow.