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Smolensk cows market for area limits

Judging by the report of the chief of department of the Smolensk region on agriculture and Tatyana Rybchenko`s foodstuffs, sounded on weekly video selector meeting in administration of the region,     affairs in Smolensk agricultural industry are not bad.

According to Tatyana Rybchenko, among regions TSFO the Smolensk region on areas under crops in 2012, as well as in 2011, occupies 10 - e a place. As a whole on area summer sowing this year has grown on 3,2 %. Undertaken to this indicator have executed 18 areas. Seven areas have not coped « sowing obligations ».

Is on Smolenshchine and 15 areas where areas under crops this year have increased. On the first place here Jartsevsky area, it followed by Pochinkovsky and Roslavlsky areas.

Trouble others call 10 areas where the areas of summer sowing this year have decreased (Temkinsky, Duhovshchinsky, Hislavichsky).

According to the chief of department on agriculture and the foodstuffs, recession has occurred basically from - for absence of a purposeful policy on development of branch from local governments.

Total manufacture of milk in all categories of economy has grown this year already on 5,8 thousand tons. The average Smolensk cow gives a day 13,2 kg of milk. Worst of all with milk manufacture are in a private sector: and indicators on milk fall also a cattle livestock decreases at the expense of young growth export for region limits. For example, from 21 thousand bull-calves grown up in last year it is saved only 8 thousand. A similar situation and with safety telok.

Preparation of forages, judging by the report, goes at full speed: hay preparation needs to be finished till July, 25th, senazha – till August, 10th.