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In Smolensk have stolen the car with bread

on July, 24th in department of police 1 UMVD across Smolensk the statement from the driver &ndash has arrived; the forwarding agent that on street Suburban stealing   is made; motor vehicles « the GAZELLE - 2790 ». According to the driver he has left literally for 5 minutes: began to take out bread on trays in shop, truth has thus forgotten to muffle the engine.

This forgetfulness malefactors also have used. When the driver was released — cars on a place any more were not. As a result of the spent plan - interception after some hours policemen have found out a stolen car in settlement Nagat of Smolensk area. The car was in technically working order. Car thieves are not found yet. On one of versions it was simple to malefactors laziness to reach on public transport, and they have decided to save the time and money, « having borrowed » for a while another`s car. Contents of their Gazelle interested &mdash a little; All bread remained untouched.

Anyway, but but to the stealing fact criminal case on p.1 item 166 of the criminal code of Russian Federation is brought. The given part of article provides punishment in the form of the penalty at the rate to 100   000 roubles, or imprisonment for the term up to five years.