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The defensible skinhead is accused of preparation of act of terrorism in St.-Petersburg

Inspectors have brought accusation to Andrey Maljuginu, sotojavshego with a gang of nationalists of Borovikova - Vojvodina, in preparation of act of terrorism concerning judge Sankt - the Petersburg city court. Maljugin has been detained on suspicion in two murders in Petersburg in August, 2011.

He has developed the plan of fulfilment of an act of terrorism - the explosion directed on murder of judge Sankt - the Petersburg city court which was the chairman in criminal trial on consideration by board of jurymen of criminal case concerning participants of a gang of Borovikova and Vojvodina   - have informed in central administrative board of Investigatory committee on a city.

Alexey Voevodin has been sentenced to a life imprisonment. It together with Dmitry Borovikovym killed at detention, have organised ekstremitskuju grouping which was engaged in attacks and murders of foreigners.

Maljugin prepared the plan to sweep to the judge, pronounced a sentence Vojvodina and more to 11 participants of grouping. He wanted to establish its route and to blow up the judge.  

Maljugin could not finish the criminal intention as the owner of apartment in which Maljugin stored components for explosive manufacturing, has been arrested, and access to the specified apartment at Maljugina was absent, after a while he also has been detained - it is marked in release.