Rus News Journal

Since July, 1st in the Samara region utilities

  will rise in price;

we Will remind, in the beginning of year the Department of Energy   and housing - municipal services of the Samara region has established tariffs for 370 enterprises of province. With   new year it was not necessary to inhabitants   to be stirred about rise in prices for « a communal flat ». This process have transferred on the second half of the year.    

Increase in tariffs at thermal energy in 2012:

- since July, 1st – 6 %;

- since September, 1st – 5,6 %.

Water supply, water removal and sewage treatment:

- since July, 1st – 6 %;

- since September, 1st – 5,3 %.

the Payment for electric energy from next month will grow on 6 %. And tariffs for gas will change is differentiated, depending on, a leah account devices are established at people. If services are released under specifications, cost will not change. For the consumers paying gas on the counter, earlier established lowest tariffs will grow on 15 %.