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Chereshnevyj paradise

this year Prazdnikchereshni in a city has been open by the vice-president Margarita Popovoj and mayor Peter Paunovym.

« Kyustendil became today an especial place, and all thanks to a sweet berry – to a sweet cherry which has collected friends from all over the world. God has blest this earth and your laborious work. And today these gifts will go on other end of the world through our visitors. Let all angels will go down on the earth, will protect your families and   this earth. Be happy » with such   introductory speech Peter Pautov has opened action.

the Vice-president Margarita Popova also has congratulated townsmen and all visitors: « I Want to wish all of you health. That continued to care of trees, looked after plantings. That always there was a rich crop, well there was a business. Enjoy nature gifts. Kyustendil – a city with the big history and remarkable people. It to me became still relatives, it would be desirable to come here more often. Enjoy a feast and note it from the bottom of the heart ».


the fifth year successively, municipality of Kyustendil   is the partner of Institute of agriculture, whose director, Dimitr Domozetov, has noticed that Bulgaria is on the seventh place in the world on chereshnevym   to plantings. This sweet berry has during the last years turned to an industrial output of the given region, and is a source of earnings for many families.