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In Kirov will pass Day of a free legal aid

There are questions on ground disputes? The chief does not let go on leave? The husband offends, humiliates or, is even worse than that, raises a hand? For kirovchan on Friday Day of a free legal aid will be spent.

will spend its Institute MGJUA of a name of O.E.Kutafina in Kirov together with Association of lawyers of Russia, - makes comments on a press - service of the government of the Kirov region. -   Kirovchanam the help in drawing up of inquiries and references in the authorised departments will be rendered, also citizens can familiarise with the legislation of the Russian Federation regarding perpetuating of memory of victims at Fatherland protection, to receive legal consultation on other questions.

the consultation Place is important
: Kirov, street Derendjaeva, 22 (ph.:35 - 71 - 36)
With 9. 00 to 11. 00 - ground disputes, check in of the rights to the ground areas
Agalakova Larissa Jurevna – the item the teacher of stand of the enterprise right
With 11. 00 to 13. 00 — inheritance questions, family disputes
Folgerova Julia Nikolaevna — the senior lecturer of stand civil and a family law, the candidate of science
With 13. 00 to 15. 00 — protection of the rights in court, executive manufacture
Koshcheeva Elena Sergeevna – the senior lecturer of stand of civil process, the candidate of science
With 15. 00 to 17. 00 — labour disputes, social protection questions
Sosnovshchenko Alla Vladimirovna — the teacher of stand of the labour law and the social security right.