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Foreign diplomats in Sofia have urged Bulgarians to join to the gay - to parade

the Gay - parade in Sofia is planned for June, 30th, and the this event is closer, the passions in the Bulgarian society more strongly boil. Thus hot participation in propagation of the future demonstration in protection of the rights sex - minority was accepted by embassies of the foreign states billeted in Sofia.

the First, as always noted the ambassador of the USA. James Uorlik has declared that as a sign of support of the rights of gays, lesbians and the other persons who are at a loss in definition of the gender accessory, it will pass with them in one column.

Today it became known that twelve foreign embassies in Sofia have signed the special declaration in support the gay - parade in the Bulgarian capital. In the declaration it is said that the gay - parade – this event, giving the chance to protect human rights and to show tolerance, to support a variety and to brand gomofobov. Besides, according to foreign diplomats, the gay - parade   shows to thousand to young men of all country – to gays and lesbians – the important message « you not one! ».

all over the world, diplomats declare still, during time the gay - parades people with traditional and nonconventional orientation stand nearby, protecting a principle of the identical rights of citizens: the rights to live, love and work without fear for discrimination. In Bulgaria still have not reached this purpose, therefore we call all people, local and national leaders, to express the solidarity and will join to the gay - to parade in Sofia.