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The Office of Public Prosecutor has closed dangerous zavodik in remote places of Primorski Territory

In Border   the Office of Public Prosecutor has checked up a status of industrial security of activity of Open Company « the East (Ussuriisk) - the Paper ». Results of inspection have forced the public prosecutor to be converted into court. The senior assistant to the public prosecutor of Primorski Territory Irina Volodina informs:

- the Steam copper of the Chinese manufacture which used at the enterprise, is not registered in Far East management of Rostehnadzora, the licence for its operation at a society is absent, the contract   obligatory insurance of a civil liability for a tresspass on dangerous industrial object it is not concluded. Staff of workers of dangerous industrial object according to the established requirements is not completed, to work on dangerous industrial object   The persons who are not corresponding to qualifying requirements are admitted,

the Court has agreed with requirement of the public prosecutor of Border to forbid   operation of a steam copper before full elimination of infringements. Besides, limited liability company have fined at a rate of 200   000 roubles for default of safety rules and more on 300   000 roubles for non-observance of requirements about obligatory insurance of a civil liability of the owner of dangerous object.