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The character of a children`s prefix supermario Who from us in the childhood has enriched the Saratov businessman

did not like to play « Mario »? You will throw a portfolio in a corner, you will connect « the dandy » to a TV set and together with cheerful brothers - sanitary technicians you storm level behind level. What there lessons! And even already the grown up gamers spoilt 3D - toys, with pleasure will load in « tanchiki » and old Mario. On it Evgenie Semenov *, the owner of one of the Saratov shops sanitary technicians that in the street Radishcheva also has decided to play. Huge smiling brother Mario with a wrench in a hand has appeared on a shop signboard in May of this year. And after all has worked!

- the People have literally tumbled down, already how much I work, but this summer in shop every day the notice, a gain have twice grown, - Evgenie admitted then to public prosecutors.

But the cheerful signboard was not pleasant to someone. In Office of Public Prosecutor say that to them has called and the passer-by - the truth lover has complained: say the disorder, copyrights are broken, and you are silent. Evgenie is assured - competitors. Anybody has not guessed the shop sanitary technicians so to advertise. Public prosecutor`s have taken the owner of shop unawares. He speaks, as could not think that breaks copyrights.

- The image of characters of computer games Super Mario Bros. belongs to company Nintendo Company Limited, and use of pictures without their consent is illegal, - Alina Sekina, the assistant to the public prosecutor of the Volga disctrict of the city of Saratov speaks.

Semenov did not begin to open. After check a signboard has removed. Now at it usual shop sanitary technicians. However, Evgenie promises that else something will think up - such that the Office of Public Prosecutor will not carp any more. But here the penalty to it to pay all - taki it is necessary. Check materials have already sent in management of federal antimonopoly service which will estimate creative idea of the Saratov sanitary technician. The maximum sum of the penalty - 40 thousand roubles.

* and a surname are changed for ethical reasons.