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Russians began to drink less, and nizhegorodtsy - there is no

Improbably, but a fact – inhabitants of Russia began to drink less. Vodka and other alcoholic drinks, naturally. It was declared one of these days by the main expert in narcology Minzdravsotsrazvitija of the Russian Federation Evgenie Brjun.

According to Brjuna, in the country for 2010 alcohol consumption was reduced from terrifying 18 litres to the person to 15 litres. It too mnogovato, but officials are assured that Russians and will go further by the way of a sober way of life. A leah follow the general sobered up weight and nizhegorodtsy, « has taken an interest in a regional narcoclinic.

- it is valid, on the statistican the quantity of diseases by alcoholism in the Nizhniy Novgorod region decreases the last some years, - the assistant to the head physician of the Nizhniy Novgorod regional narcological clinic Valery Vostrjakov has pleasantly surprised. – So, in 2010 58 diseases on 100 thousand population have been registered. In 2009 this figure was more – 65 diseases, and in 1998 – 71 disease.  

However, Valery Iosifovich has lost for a long time already illusions in this respect: alcoholics on a paper became less, it is truth. But drunkards actually do not become abstainers, simply they leave in private clinics which are multiplied every year. And there all alcoholics are treated anonymously, and to the general statistics do not get.

– Besides, alcohol for many – only start. Ill with alcoholism frequently change to stronger psychoactive substances – drugs, - obrechenno the skilled expert in narcology makes a helpless gesture. - a choice of drugs now huge, many cheap synthetic substances. Addicts every year more and more. And more one important fact. On the official statistics disease of alcoholism among teenagers has increased. In 2009 there were 1,5 cases of disease on 100 thousand minors, and in 2010 – Already 2 cases.

With iridescent statistics « sobering up » the countries do not agree also the Nizhniy Novgorod suppliers of alcohol.
- actually, alcohol it is delivered even a little more than earlier. After crisis the quantity of demands from sellers has increased. Leaders of sales have However, changed. Delivered more vodka, port, a hard liquor earlier. Now shops reserve alcoholic cocktails and beer more, - has told «» - NN » the representative of the large company - the supplier of alcoholic production.

Suppliers are echoed also by sellers: realisation of alcoholic drinks – it is the main income, especially for small shops. However, here again the nuances.
- well, began to buy vodka a bit less. So after all not   because drink it is less, where there! Simply badjazhat more, drink self-race. At us around the grandma - self-racers is best live, - has confidentially told « The working woman of a small round-the-clock stall. – so not a consonant I with your statistics and the main Russian expert in narcology. They are far from the people.  


15,76 litres of alcohol a year are necessary on the average on each Russian on the foreign statistics of World Health Organization. With this indicator Russia occupies 4 place in the world. Drink only in Moldova, Czechia and Hungary more.

and rather safe level experts the CART name 8 litres of alcohol per capita, srednemirovoj the indicator makes 6,1 litres.