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So a fairy tale realise

« the Action on an accomplishment of zones of rest of kindergartens has the big educational effect » – the head of Dzerzhinsk Victor Sopin has noted.

Today in the development Center – a kindergarten 141 Dzerzhinsks solemn ceremony of rewarding of prize-winners and winners of review - competition « has taken place; childhood Territory ». Competition has been initiated by mayor Victor Sopinym and passed among city kindergartens during the period from June till July. As the organizer Management of preschool institutions of the City administration has acted.

This summer in such festival of decorative registration of playgrounds eight municipal gardens were nominated. Feast have visited and mayor Victor Sopin, the assistant to the head of administration of city district on social policy Tatyana Nesterov, the head of department of preschool institutions of the City administration Alexey Korotkov, deputy Gordumy Galina Demahina, the assistant to the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Nizhniy Novgorod region Valery Osokin, tutors of preschool centres of a city, parents have taken part in ceremony of rewarding.

Winners and winners have defined in two nominations. In a nomination « the Best zone of rest MDOU » the kindergarten 35 for registration of a zone of rest « became the winner; Rural prudik ». The special prize in this nomination has received a kindergarten for a complex accomplishment of territory 105. The Center of development of the child &ndash became the winner; a kindergarten 82 for creation of a zone of rest « Alenushkiny fairy tales ».

In a nomination « the Best zone of rest of a group site » the first place has got to the Center of development of the child – to a kindergarten 141 (a rest zone « On a visit at Masha and the Bear »). The Kindergarten 105 (a rest zone « Country mood »), a kindergarten 142 (a rest zone « Village Beryozkino »), a kindergarten 142 (a rest zone « Africa ») Became winners of competition in this nomination.

Both prize-winners, and winners have received diplomas, reading and writing and gifts from Administration of Dzerzhinsk.

« From my point of view, review carrying out - competition « childhood Territory » – it is class idea. The system of preschool education of Dzerzhinsk sets a remarkable example to all city which as a whole should be arranged well, comfortable and convenient for life. Children who in the gardens see such beauty, I hope, will always respect another`s work and will make thrifty use of environment. Therefore it is possible to tell that   the action on an accomplishment of zones of rest of kindergartens has the big educational effect, and those eight preschool centres which have taken in it part, – it as if first signs, as if beacons which set an example to other kindergartens. I am assured that from year to year quantity of participants of competition   will increase. I give thanks to Alexey Korotkov   and all its command for the organisation of such sign feast for a city » – with such words Victor Sopin to participants and visitors of a feast was converted.

« For children – Time which they spend in kindergartens, – the most fertile, the kindest and remarkable. Therefore many thanks to all teachers and parents which have taken part in competition, that they the creativity have realised a fairy tale. Thereby you form at kids ability to feel and see perfect. I consider that competition has gone right and I hope that further the quantity of its participants will increase » – Tatyana Nesterov has added.

In turn Alexey Korotkov has told at celebratory ceremony about each concrete design project and has thanked all participants of review - competition for the shown interest and kreativnost.