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Zadolzhnikov - to responsibility

In Administration of Dzerzhinsk under the chairmanship of the first deputy of the head of administration of city district Vladimir Kolchin has taken place session of working group on realisation of the Agreement in the field of preservation of the environment and maintenance of ecological security .

the head of department of an investment policy, the international and multi-region communications of Administration of Dzerzhinsk have taken part in meeting Gennady Vinogradov, the state inspector of territorial administration Rosprirodnadzora on Privolzhsky federal district Anna Akimova, heads of local inspecting services and the organisations, and also representatives of the enterprises,   which scorn the duty to bring a payment for negative influence on environment.

the Agreement in the field of preservation of the environment and maintenance of ecological security has been signed in the spring of current year between Administration of Dzerzhinsk, Department of Federal Agency of supervision in wildlife management sphere (Rosprirodnadzora) on Privolzhsky federal district and the Ministry of ecology and natural resources of the Nizhniy Novgorod region.

the document Purpose – to raise efficiency of teamwork on revealing of infringers of an order and payment terms   negative influence on environment. The agreement undertaking reason consists that, despite the requirement of the Federal law « About preservation of the environment » that negative influence on environment is paid, many organisations which are carrying out the activity in territory of Dzerzhinsk, the given writ do not execute.

ten enterprises of a city which at present are listed defaulters have been invited To meeting. However representatives only two as a result have come.   with them explanatory conversation has been spent.

it has by the way appeared, one of the firms presented at session nevertheless in due time pays « ecological » payments, it only does on requisites of the prior administering organisation – Rostehnadzora which till October, 2010 has been vested by powers on administration of a payment for negative influence on environment (then these functions have passed in Rosprirodnadzor). In this connection,   Vladimir Kolchin has noted,   that Rosprirodnadzor and the City administration should strengthen information work among the enterprises, about on what new requisites they should make payments.

« For today those who should, but do not pay for negative influence on environment in Dzerzhinsk much. From four thousand the enterprises getting under such form of responsibility, approximately 70 - 80 percent do not pay. But for the enterprises - defaulters who all - taki react to our remarks, are on sessions of working group and then immediately pay debts, from party Rosprirodnadzora it is supposed some kind of « amnesty »: if all is paid, any administrative affairs to be raised to the given organisation will not be. I can tell that already positive results of our work today are visible. Means in the city budget have already started to arrive. Under given article of a profitable part of the budget of 2011 are planned 55 million roubles of receipts. We put before ourselves a problem to increase this sum on 15 - 20 percent » - Vladimir Kolchin has informed.