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At you a misfortune? Call one - one - two

Uniform dezhurno - dispatching service of Perm, I listen to you … - operative persons on duty EDDS begin now the dialogue with the subscriber with such words. Depending on character of the message they instantly connect the person to corresponding emergency service. Such operative informing helps to react faster to an emergency situation and to help the person who has got to a misfortune.

Operative reaction

Increase of security of people - a key direction of work of the city authorities. Only two branches of an urban service of the rescue, three substations of the first help are during the last years open, new fire piers and reservoirs are constructed, hydrants are repaired. And here one more result of this work - opening Uniform dezhurno - dispatching service. Phone 112 permjakam is familiar well.

Information service EDDS exists not the first year and earlier worked as a part of the Perm urban service of rescue. Now functions EDDS have considerably extended. It unites about ten participants, among which (besides rescue service) - fire protection, police, service of the first help, emergency branch services, supervising bodies, housing and communal services and others.  

- If earlier we accepted messages from townspeople, and then called back and handed over the information to corresponding services now there is a possibility to connect subscribers directly with police, firemen, « Fast » and etc., - Inna Makovej has told the chief of operative change EDDS on duty. Is considerably reduces signal transmission time, experts as fast as possible react to it, so, it is more probability to save life and health of people. And incidents in Perm as in any big city, occurs much. Often helpless people who cannot open a door call and to leave apartment. The person in a misfortune - we are obliged to come to the rescue of it.

the Analysis and forecast CHS

Introduction of this system, according to experts, will allow to leave on new qualitative level of security of a city and its inhabitants. In - the first, interaction between emergency field services for the prompt liquidation of various incidents and emergency situations (at the expense of fast reception, processing and transfer of the calls arriving on uniform number 112) improves. In - the second, the uniform database for the analysis and possible forecast CHS for territories of Perm (gathering, accumulation, storage and information transfer about potential sources CHS occur round the clock) constantly replenishes. Now the information centre Uniform dezhurno - dispatching service of Perm has received a new residence permit. It has taken place in a special separate premise to the address: Tchkalov`s street, 52.

- Moving to a specialised premise it is not simple disposition change, - Alexey Tikhomirov, the director of the Perm urban service of rescue marks. - on new base EDDS all those specifications which are necessary for qualitative operative work are organised. So, IT - a stream, direct communication channels between participants EDDS, possibility of carrying out of audioconference, transition from an analogue telephone line to digital allow to make the instant notification of all services.

Security of people - in priorities

- the Main task of this service - to provide fast and effective reaction to calls which arrive from permjakov, - the head of administration of Perm Anatoly Mahovikov has underlined. - process of replacement of traditional turns 01, 02, 03, 04 will gradually occur. People should get used to new phone 112 which, as a matter of fact, is analogue of well-known American phone 911. On it it is possible to call in any difficult reality situation. And someone`s saved life can become result of work EDDS. According to Igor Goncharov, the minister of public security of the Perm edge, the state gives more and more attention to safety of people, perfection of uniform state system of reaction to emergency situations. Within the limits of uniform nation-wide system an important link is EDDS at municipality level. According to the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, creation of system of maintenance of a call of emergency field services under uniform number 112 should be finished till January, 31st, 2012 on all territory of the country.


the Call on number 112 - free. Both from city phones, and through cellular communication.


On the average for days on phone 112 arrives from 1500 to 3000 calls. From them on 150 - to 250 messages measures of fast reaction are taken. It is a signal transmission in corresponding service, the organisation of departure of several services for reaction to state of emergency or CHS, rendering of the information help to townspeople in the decision of concrete reality situations. As a part of operative change on duty 4 persons work: the shiftman and 3 operative persons on duty.