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Son Kaddafi is ready sojuznichat with Islamites

Son Muamara Kaddafi warns the West that long opposition of Tripoli and Bengasi can turn back that to the power Islamites will come.

In interview to the newspaper « New York tajms »   the Safe al - Islam has declared that officials of Kaddafi carry on negotiations with opposition, to be exact - with its radical part. Son Kaddafi declares that « liberals will be urged to run or will be killed, and we will make it together ». Al - Islam means Islamites for whom earlier fed hatred, but in present conditions as it is found out, is ready to co-operate.

is it seems ridiculous, but during Ramadan between us the peace will be made.   Libya becomes in the future Saudi Arabia or Iran. Well and let, - son Kaddafi considers. - We do not believe them (to Islamites - Prim. Red.) But we are urged to deal with them as today they represent real force, - explains the « transformation » al - Islam.

According to the son of the Libyan leader, recent murder in Bengasi the chief of a staff of military formations of oppositional Transitive national board Abdel Fattaha Junesa - a handwork of Islamic radicals which act on the opposition party.

Junes was the ardent opponent of radicals and, being the Minister of Internal Affairs in government Kaddafi, and with ease sent Islamites on tortures.

- They have decided to get rid of such people on purpose to take all operation under the control, - explains al - Islam. Thus the son of the Libyan leader names oppositionists « rats, puppets and clowns » and the governments of the countries which them recognise, « idiots, which set worldwide ».

we Will remind, bombardments of Libya proceed since March of this year. The day before the mode of Kaddafi has begun negotiations with oppozitsej which while have not given any results.