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What spices will help not to grow fat from fat food?


Scientists from Pensilvansky University (USA) assert that seasonings, for example, cinnamon and kurkuma, not only impact to food juicy relish, but also will partially neutralise an adverse effect of fat food on an organism. Shejla Vest, the author of work, tells:

« If you have overeaten fat food, in blood level triglitseridov (it is bad cholesterol) raises. If you regularly do not refuse to yourselves pork chops, cakes with a cream and other fat products, it raises risk not only to grow fat, but also a victim to become warm - vascular diseases. We have found out that addition of spices to fat food reduces level growth triglitseridov on 30 % ».

volunteers took part In research at the age from 30 till 65 years. All of them were, in general, are healthy, though had excess weight. For experiment scientists have prepared special dishes which examinees ate within several days.

« Test meal » consisted of a chicken karri, the Italian bread with spices and cookies with cinnamon. To two table spoons of seasoning with spices whereas in control group people ate the same, but without spices every portion have added. Each half an hour within 3 hours after meal took the blood analysis from participants of research.

In seasoning scientists have added rosemary, oregano, cinnamon, kurkumu, black and red pepper, a carnation and a garlick powder. It well-known that all these spices possess powerful antioksidantnym action.

At the volunteers eating dishes with seasonings, on 13 % has increased antioksidantnaja activity in blood and on 20 % has decreased insulinovyj the answer.

the Antioxidants containing in spices and in other products, help to reduce oxidising stress and to lower risk of occurrence of chronic diseases.

the Spices used in experiment, contained approximately as much antioxidants, how much contain 150 ml of red wine or 40 gramme of black chocolate medlinks.

the Important point: addition of two table spoons of spices has not called any problems participants of experiment with a stomach therefore as in natural spices did not add some salt, amplifiers of taste and dyes. Nevertheless who at has problems with digestive system, it is necessary to be more carefully with burning spices which irritate the mucous. And here grasses of type of a thyme, rosemary, mint, and also cinnamon and ginger, on the contrary, positively influence a stomach.