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In 25 - ti kilometres from Tver the autocratic burial place of the pigs sick of the African plague

Literally one of these days in Kalininsky area, in 25 kilometres from Tver is revealed, between villages Ezvino and Turovo in Burashevsky rural settlement local residents have found out skotomogilnik, and in it carefully dug hulks of pigs. Pamjatuja about a virus of the African plague of the pigs which epidemic has burst in Verhnevolzhe in the beginning of summer. More in detail about it read in a material « In the Tver region have found out the infected pork ». The operative group with veterinary surgeons and law enforcement officers Into place has there and then gone.  

- On Tuesday, on August, 16th, this burial place was revealed. Its age about two - two and a half a month. Quite probably, owners have heard about an infection, have noticed that the cattle is sick, and have started up all under a knife, - Sergey Istomin, the chief of Kalininsky regional veterinary station has explained . - While therefrom it has been lifted seven hulks of pigs, but them can be absolutely unpredictable quantity - from 80 to 800. Works will proceed and further. But, according to results of analyses of laboratory of Upravlenija Rosselhoznadzora on the Tver and Pskov areas, animals were sick of a virus of the African plague of pigs.  

So the Photo looks skotomogilnik
: Ekaterina KOKOREV

By the way, now on a site where peasants have autocratically arranged skotomogilnik, it will be impossible to spend agricultural works within 25 years. The burial place territory makes 15 - 20 metres.  

Experts already poured the top part skotomogilnika bleaching powder and have set fire. Considering that from above it has been filled up by logs, boards and fire wood, this procedure should be repeated not once. After all hulks will be burnt, the ground that the virus has not passed in soil and ground waters also will be burnt.  

Besides, on entrance to village Ezvino sanitary fast is already established, and on an entrance to skotomogilniku the tent where veterinary surgeons, employees of traffic police and police round the clock are on duty is established.  

- We will check cars about export and pork transportation, - Sergey Valentinovich has noticed. - Therefore we ask inhabitants and visitors of region with understanding to concern it.  

Now the Volga multi-region nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor of the Tver region inspects, in the near future it becomes clear, who exactly suited a cemetery of sick animals in a rural field. The originator will punish the penalty.

Quarantine will be entered since August, 19th for a period of 30 days.  


And At this time

one more centre of the African plague of pigs is found In the Tver region in the city of Torzhok

As it became known literally some minutes ago, yesterday, and again the next centre of the African plague of pigs on August, 17th has been found in Torzhok.  

- it is already laboratory proved that in one of regional part-time farms really animal were ill with a dangerous virus, - Yury Danilov, chief of the department Rosselhoznadzora on the Tver and Pskov areas has told . - All 168 goals there are, all of them will be liquidated.  

I Will remind, epidemic has begun with Torzhok and. There still on June, 1st sick pigs in a part-time farm of a corrective colony 4 have been found out. More in detail about it read on a site.