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... And we have begun to catch this cat. It was necessary to chat a little the plane and to frighten passengers .

On the threshold of a professional feast the former pilot with 15 - the summer experience, rostovchanin Alexey Homjakov has shared with «» several bright stories from life of air carriers.


« In a youth, in the end of 70 - h years, I was the pilot of agricultural aircraft and flied by plane AN - 2. The set of improbable episodes of my aviation youth is connected with work and flights to Uzbekistan on defoliatsiju a cotton: we sprayed a plant terribly dangerous poison for acceleration of its maturing. In Uzbekistan very original culture. To us, Russian, all there was in wonder. In days of cleaning of a cotton all forces of republic threw only on it. Children stopped to study at schools, factories faded. The cotton for Uzbeks was as for us bread. Therefore pilots among local population were highly esteemed. Us well fed. We had breakfast, had dinner and had supper. Uzbeks do not have concept « a breakfast ». Only a modest dinner and a supper. They ate not very well. It was possible to attempt only at pilots in airdrome - a fried potato, fried eggs, mutton. We sat down to breakfast early in the morning while it was still cool. But is to us not especially it would be desirable. In the morning in airdrome all heads, all collective-farm establishment gathered. While, sitting at the big tables, pilots were inertly picked plates, Uzbeks nearby were abreast built. The chairman of collective farm, behind it the main agriculturist, then the livestock specialist, rastenievod and others stood the first. And here they amicably stand and wait, while we will eat. As soon as we rose and left, local flight darted off and ran to a table for us to eat up. If somebody sufficed the first spoon, contrary to hierarchy, the chairman of collective farm whom peasants called « rais » there and then beat its ladle because the first the chairman of collective farm, then the main agriculturist, and then already should eat all the others, up to accounts department ».

Rostovchanin Alexey Homjakov - the former pilot with 15 - the summer experience


« As compensation for hard work, pilots often invited to local warehouses of Rospotrebsojuza. At that time from southern republics which supplied on conscience, it was possible to bring set of different scarce things. District committees and obkomy parties disposed of this good. Warehouses have been simply hammered by the scarce goods: crystal, carpets, perfumery and clothes. In Rostov when on the market the Czech or Romanian footwear was suddenly thrown out, from all city such crowd has run together that fights for foreign shoes at once began. In Moscow with it it was a bit easier. And in Uzbekistan or Tajikistan - it is absolutely good. When we flied home after campaigns on warehouses, our planes smelt as a French perfume « Mazhi Nuar » carpets stuck out of all holes, the crystal ware ringed. After homecoming we these carpets spread and in Mines on them fur-trees ».

the gone crazy CAT

« When I flied on L - 410, the small Czech passenger plane on 15 places, with the second pilot Oleg Petrenko, there was at us one funny flight to Yeysk. That day in local airdrome we have picked up a Siamese cat and took it in a cabin. Someone has left the poor fellow at the airport. And when we began to fly up and pressure has started to change, to a cat has put ears. He rushed about on a cabin, skipped on our shoulders, on heads and all time was scratched. And we have begun to catch this cat. It was necessary to chat a little the plane and to frighten passengers. But all - taki we have caught it ».


« Once at night we flied to Elista from Astrakhan. With us there was checking, a commander of a squadron who that day sat in my right armchair. I was the second pilot and dozed. Light in salon have muffled. Passengers slept. On the misfortune one of them has gone to a toilet and has lighted. And suddenly I have felt a smoke smell. Me as if a lightning sharahnulo. Fire in the plane - terrible business. I have thought: « Really we burn? » has moved a nose, has looked back back and I see that the door in a toilet is closed, and between it and a floor - a thin crack through which light made the way... It was very similar to fire! In the same second I, having stared, run to a toilet, I stumble about passengers, I fight about something a head, I fill the enormous cone, I fling the door open and I see the frightened muzhik with the bull-calfe, sitting on a toilet bowl. I mechanically merge under it water and for a rage I dip his head in a toilet bowl. But has then come round and has set him in an armchair. So it wet also has reached Elista. Here so has smoked ».