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Wheel from a race car Formulas - 1 have adapted for prefix Xbox 360

to Feel the present pilot of a fighting race car « Formulas - 1 » any compulsive gambler now can. The company   Thrustmaster has united with   Ferrari and Microsoft also has let out   a wheel for games console Xbox 360. In turn behind this device, probably, admirers of a Ferrari team will be built. The manipulator - an exact remark of a wheel on a race car of Ferrari 458 Italia.

It is a company debut   Thrustmaster in the market of game devices. How much it will be successful, will show time, but to noise will do precisely.

diameter prorezinennoj steering-wheels - 28 centimetres, an angle of rotation - 270 degrees.   a wheel interactive - resistance of wheels to turn you feel as both palms. Transfers are switched podrulevymi by petals. As well as the original, on the manipulator has a regulator   Manettino which operates parametres of the car during race.

For control over speed there are pedals. They are exact copies of the presents. A course a gas pedal - smooth and wide, brakes - rigid and with resistance.

all on this wheel eight buttons, the panel for engine start, system key Xbox 360, a socket for connection of a microphone and ear-phones.

to buy the complete set of the racer it will be already possible in October.   guiding price - 3300 roubles.