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The insurgents destroyed on night in Grozny

are identified There were celebrated personalities of three gangsters who have been destroyed in Grozny. We will remind that the day before in Leninsk area of capital of the Chechen Republic there has passed scale special action.

- Law enforcement officers had been received the operative information that in one of apartments along the street Kosiora take cover participants of illegal armed formations, - have informed in a press - service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic. - members of bands have been blocked in apartment, it have suggested to lay down arms and surrender. In the answer gangsters have rendered armed resistance and in a course boestolknovenija have been destroyed (special action Details read here).

persons of three insurgents Today are already established. He is Albert Osipov (26 years), Zaurbek Ajsumov (21 year) and Razambek Shamaev (23 years). All of them — inhabitants of the Chechen republic. The person of one more destroyed gangster is established now.

At the same time in mounts of republic agents of national security have killed the insurgent who was in federal search. Agents of national security combed district around village Chishki of Groznensky area and on the contrary rural cemetery, in a large forest, have found out the insurgent. The member of a bandit underground has started to shoot on policemen and has been destroyed by reciprocal fire.

- the person of the destroyed member of illegal armed formations Is established. It – inhabitant Urus - Martana Iskander (Iljas) Timarov, 28 years. Under the available operative information, the criminal among gangsters was more known, as « Abdul - Vahab » and since May, 2008 was in federal search, - informs a press - service of Ministry of Internal Affairs CHR.