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In Tver more than thousand Moslems usually Tver Moslems will note the Eid al-Fitr on a hippodrome

celebrate religious feasts in a mosque. But it in the city centre, is not present the big parking, lambs on Kurban - bajram to cut directly on Soviet inconveniently. Here spiritual heads of a community also have conceived to transfer feasts there where it is more than place. The Tver hippodrome has approached.

- We have written the letter with such request addressed to the governor. The answer which allows to have to us on a hippodrome a feast one of these days has come. We in a City Day spent there the Drinking bout, it was pleasant to us. We hope to celebrate there our feasts and henceforth, - has shared in telephone conversation with «» the assistant to imam Farid Batyrgereev .

On a feast the Eid al-Fitr which will pass on August, 30th, on a hippodrome than thousand Moslems from different corners of area should gather more. The feast will begin in 9 mornings, at first will be 40 - a minute prayer, then a celebratory entertainment. By the way, come and try a celebratory entertainment from big kazanov can also orthodox tverichane.

the Inquiry «»

the Eid al-Fitr (Id ul - fitr, Ramadan - bajram) - one of the largest feasts of Islam, finishing sacred month Ramadan. It still name a feast razgovenija. For Moslems this day it is offered to indulge in celebratory mood, to partake drink and food. In this feast it is forbidden fasts. According to Islam history, this day god has granted to prophet Mohammed the very first verses of the Koran. It is celebrated three days.