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What is the time it is required belgorodtsam on registration of the medical policy of the new sample

To me it was necessary to receive at once two policies: for the first time — on the younger child and for itself — in exchange for a long time the lost. On a habit has gone on Chumichova, 41,   where not one year the majority belgorodtsev was received by documents of obligatory medical insurance. Also what I see? The announcement on a door severely said:   « Medical policies HERE DO NOT STAND out!!! Be converted about Belgorod, Victory street, d. 12 ». Warning questions, workers of the insurance organisation have hung out also on an entrance door the detailed location map, and other leaflets with the exhaustive information.

Nevertheless, such as I, was much. For pair minutes that I studied the external information, a building left seven persons who in vain flew there on purpose to occupy turn, and started to read together with me. Those who badly knows a city, we will calm: New (though they have moved for about a year back) the office of the insurance company is also in the centre. It is the most convenient to get on Victories, 12 if to reach to a stop « street of Kirov » and, having passed on the same party of street, to curtail to the right to the fenced parking place.

At an input in a building, as they say, nothing foretold: one girl, leaving, studied the received policy, and the young pair hurried inside.

In turn behind the delightsome document it was necessary to stand about 15 minutes.
a photo: Dmitry LADYGIN

But inside my heart of the Soviet person included in a waiting list with the experience has missed a bit: people, it is a lot of!

However, all of them stood in the second hall, and in the first not less than four advisers quickly answered different questions. To me to a descent have explained that it is necessary to occupy turn in the second hall. There give out time policies, and later – constants.

Already in turn has estimated a habit of our people to an agiotage. Though the information on replacement of policies has appeared still on May, 1st, to many it a method « spoilt phone » has reached just now. And they, ignoring advisers, started to ask about « poles » a turn tail that stood in the second — main — a hall. And then two thirds from them heard from advisers:

- the Insurance medical policies of the old sample which has been given out till November, 29th, 2010, operate till January, 1st 2014. Be not stirred, your policy goden as early as 3 years.

I Twirl by a head, and I see that this information razveshana on all walls, and I estimate, as a lot of patience costs to nice advisers not to exclaim: « In the same place all is written?! ».

I have spent in turn of 15 minutes. « mine » the girl has issued to me two time policies — mine and on the child — minutes for three. For this purpose the birth certificate of the baby and the inquiry on a place of its residence permit, and from me &mdash was required; only the passport and the certificate of pension insurance. And later 30 working days on my mobile will come SMS, and I can receive constant documents.

the Conclusion: to hurry up to receive the medical policy of the new sample it is not necessary. And if it was lost or it is delayed, all procedure will occupy no more than 20 minutes.  

The questions on policy replacement can be set by free phones 8 - 800 - 555 - 66 - 03 or (4722 33 - 45 - 61 .