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Sitting at the computer leads to adiposity

Absolutely - very soon the school will open the doors for children from seven till seventeen years. And every day the children will grow wiser, and still it would be desirable, that in parallel it zdorovela.

In a press - the centre «» doctors have told about what inquiries, inoculations need to be made pervoklashkam before campaigns in school. And also, as to schoolboys not to spoil health, gnawing a science granite.

the First time in the first class without the inquiry

- we do not have any standard documents that parents of first-graders need to collect medical inquiries before sending of the child in school, - has told the non-staff expert - the pediatrist of management of public health services of a city administration Lyudmila Shkolnikova. - Any clinical analyses it is not necessary to hand over too. Those who go to the first class, have already been surveyed in a kindergarten. And if children were « house » to school, about what doctors to pass, it the pediatrist has told.

And here necessary inoculations to children do at small age. Obligatory inoculations for all - from a tetanus, a poliomyelitis, a diphtheria. Time of carrying out of inoculations is defined by doctors so there are no strict frameworks. But marks about them should be brought in a map of inoculations of the child.

- I consider that other alternative of preventive maintenance of illnesses as the inoculation, no, - considers Lyudmila Alekseevna. - Illnesses are easier for warning, than to treat. Parents on - to a miscellaneous concern inoculations. But I want to tell that while in Kirov there was no case of complications. There are cases when the temperature rises, but it is normal reaction, to be afraid of it it is not necessary.

At the computer the child - and illnesses almost from the cradle

All exists five groups of health.

I group are absolutely healthy children. At the age from 7 to 14 approximately 20 % from total of children concern this group.

II group - having functional deviations - for example, an increase or a weight lack, caries, illnesses of a stomach. The majority of children concerns this group - schoolboys - 57 %

II group are who has any chronic illness which gives in to treatment. This group concern 20 - 23 % of the Kirov schoolboys.

IV group are children who has chronic illnesses, but physicians any more in forces them to cure. It is a little these children.

V group are children - invalids. Such children least.

On the statistican in the Kirov region only 0,5 - 1,5 % of children are born absolutely healthy. But in process of a growing many sores pass also healthy becomes more.

And here according to the Kirov physicians, younger schoolboys are ill prostudnymi diseases so adaptation to school affects more often. The child in new collective picks up new viruses and its immunity learns to struggle with them.

Schoolboys « an average » Link are more often converted to doctors from - for sight decrease, with illnesses of a stomach and oporno - the impellent device.

And here the senior school age is subject to diseases of respiratory organs, zheludochno - an intestinal path, endokrinnym to pathologies - adiposity, excessive growing thin. And more often the root of these illnesses is covered in excessive sitting behind the computer! Parents should remember that children till 14 years cannot sit in front of the computer more than 25 minutes in day! The child at this age should move, walk, play more, instead of sit at the monitor.

Who can go on physical culture

- To be engaged in physical culture it is necessary for all without exceptions to children, - considers managing doshkolno - school branch of children`s polyclinic of a city of Kirov. - On the general employment children with I and II group of health should go. III and IV groups too can go on physical culture, carry out the basic exercises, but not participate in competitions, not go on sports sections. And here to V group of health it is necessary to be engaged in a special course of physiotherapy exercises.

By the way if parents know that their child has any disease, it is better to warn about it the teacher. Depending on disease the teacher should give loading to the child. For example to those schoolboys who have a scoliosis, it is impossible to do kuvyrki, jumps to be engaged in aerobics and to carry out exercises on a crossbeam. But swimming is very useful for such children for health.

By the way

Since September, 10th in the Kirov region the program of prophylactic medical examination of children of 14 years will start to operate. Children of this age the most different experts will investigate. It becomes to understand, what genofund the Kirov teenagers possess.