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Citizenship for Abrupt

According to Shlesersa, the composer can give citizenship for special merits in development of Jurmala.

« We should think of that men of means who have much made for the blessing of Latvia, put means and contributed in investments, could receive not only residence permit, but also citizenship - for special merits » - the politician on a press - conferences has told.

Shlesers has noticed that now Abrupt pays taxes to Russia and the USA. And in Latvia taxes more low. « I think, it possibility to pay can involve taxes in Latvia, besides in the near future with assistance of Abrupt in Latvia large investment projects on building of hostels and concert halls » will be realised; - the deputy has told.

In turn Abrupt has told that while of it did not think, but the offer has known advantages. For example, citizenship granting would help it to create new communications with Latvia.

On the same the press - conferences of maestro Rajmond Pauls has told that Jurmala and Riga could be developed as the tourist centres, involving private investments, and one of organizers of competition « the New wave » Igor Krutoj influential in the Russian musical business the person, agrees to help with attraction of investments, using the communications in business circles.

In the near future Abrupt will discuss with the friends and acquaintances in business circles of possibility to invest in development of Jurmala and Riga, Rajmond Pauls has informed, having added that in both cities it would be possible to create at least on one cultural - to an entertainment complex.

these complexes would include hostel and a concert hall, other various possibilities for entertainment and rest also would be created. But it depends on that, negotiations Abrupt with potential investors will be how much successful, Pauls has noticed.