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Governor`s sailing regatta have deleted from the budget of the Tver region

In forthcoming days off in Konakovsky area here already in the tenth time there should pass the Verhnevolzhsky sailing regatta on a prize of the governor of the Tver region. However at the last minute competitions have been cancelled.

The matter is that competition financing went from the regional budget (all - taki governor`s races). Not so long ago the budget has been reconsidered for the purpose of optimisation of expenses, and the line with regatta financing has been mercilessly deleted.

- For carrying out of competition to us on the average it was annually allocated about 900 thousand roubles. They went on prizes, rent... We till the end of July waited for this money. But, unfortunately, have received nothing. We now search for variants to hold competition, - the president of Federation of sailing of the Tver region Sergey Tatarinov has explained .

Unlike politically correct statements of a management of Federation of yacht change do not stint in situation assessments and generously make comments on an event.

- When we have learnt that money from the budget not to wait, began to search for sponsors and have found. To Konakovo we have not pulled rent of a pier and Recreation centre, therefore have agreed with administration of the Big Zavidovo. They have met us, but at the last minute have refused. I think, the policy of a management of region simply changes, - has assumed in telephone conversation with «» one of participants of a regatta Cyril Ivans.

Now sportsmen prepare for season end. Want to organise competitions on a site of Volga from Tver to the Emmaus. The format of these competitions is not defined yet.

- This regatta has ceased to involve tourists. And they did not come especially on it. It has already passed for a long time from categories tourist in the sports. And in the budget on it money was put as on a regatta directed on development of tourism. Better we will direct this money on other tourist actions, - Victor Boganov has thrown light on a problem fulfilling duties of the chief of Committee on tourism, resorts and international contacts of region.

He also has noticed that this regatta needs to be passed in area sport committee, but of this department are not assured yet that it is necessary to save it. After all two new regattas are already organised: the Sailing regatta in Day of Russia and a regatta in Vesegonske. So leaves a regatta have cancelled from - for formal discrepancies between departments: like already and not tourism, but also not sports.

Among the sign actions spent by committee on which, probably, the money allocated for carrying out of not taken place regatta will be redistributed: Festival of a chanson of a name of Michael Krug, Tmatsky rift, the All-Russia festival of an author`s song, multi-region festival « the Merchant caravan » festival of extreme kinds of tourism and sports.

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the Verhnevolzhsky sailing regatta on a prize of the governor of the Tver region is spent to Konakovo since 2002. The annual competitions dated for the City Day, involve inveterate jahtsmenov and tourists from all country.

Till 2004 in it yacht changes of Tver, Konakovo and Dubna took part basically. But with 2004 - go the basic component there is a racing fleet of Moscow, the quantity of the known titled sportsmen sharply increases. As a result the Verhnevolzhsky sailing regatta has entered into the five of the basic regattas of Russia.