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In Tutaev building parogazovoj stations of new generation

This event has begun became sign not only for our region, but also for all Russia. In the presence of members of the government of area, mass-media and visitors of a feast governor Sergey Vahrukov has personally put a capsule in the basis of the future station.

the Project new tutaevskoj PGU - a fruit of joint efforts of Open Society « the Yaroslavl generating company » Open Society « Saturn - Gas turbines » and the governments of Yaroslavl region. According to the general director « JAGK » Victor Tamarova, thanks to occurrence of this station our region substantially will reduce power deficiency that will directly be reflected in expenses of the population for the electric power and warmly. According to forecasts of experts, the cost price of thermal and electric energy which will be developed by station, will be much more low that, at least, will allow not to overestimate tariffs. That the equipment for the future station is completely delivered by the Russian companies is not less important also. In particular, four gazoturbinnye installations by capacity on 8 MVt will be made by the supplier - the leader in manufacturing of the highly effective power equipment, the general contractor of building, the enterprise « Saturn - Gas turbines ».

- For us participation in the similar project - a great honour, - was told the present by head « Saturn - Gas turbines » Igor Yudin. - having considerable experience of start-up and operation of similar objects, we are assured that the building of station planned by us will successfully come to the end by 2013.

In spite of the fact that the project new PGU rather expensive, all its participants are unanimous: expenses which will go on it, will pay off in the near future. In total for the project it will be spent about 2,5 billion Roubles from which 25 % will be brought by the executor of the project - Open Society « JAGK ».

As Sergey Vahrukov has noted, to one of advantages tutaevskoj PGU becomes not only highly effective manufacture of the electric power and hot water, but also decrease in expenses on fuel the prices on which raise every year. Also the governor of the region has noticed that occurrence of station of new generation in Tutaev will positively be reflected in state of the economy of all region. After all reliable and effective power supply - that factor thanks to which the region becomes attractive to the large investors needing power supply on the first power level. Besides it, the station will provide a reserve of power capacities under development of the industrial park which building is planned in the near future for territories of Tutaevsky motor factory.

Uniqueness PGU, the basic which phase of building is necessary for 2012, consists in use of innovative technologies, in particular - the advanced cycles of development of the electric power - parogazovogo and kogeneratsionnogo. Thanks to it the general EFFICIENCY of fuel consumption by station will be high enough - about 85 % while the EFFICIENCY of already existing stations makes only 30 %. It will provide a high recoupment and overall performance PGU. Ecological compatibility and profitability of its operation become other advantages of the given object also. Besides, tutaevskaja PGU will provide new workplaces, and also will plan prospect of the further development of similar projects.

Being pilot object in one of six federal projects in power efficiency sphere, PGU becomes the sample for this sort of building of stations in other regions of the Russian Federation. The governor of the region also has noticed that building PGU is one of the first projects realised in practice begun in area one and a half years ago programs under the power savings and power efficiency increase on 2008 - 2012 and on prospect till 2020. According to Victor Tamarova, this station it will be far not unique PGU in territory of our region:

- building of similar stations in Rostov and Pereslavl In the near future will begin. At the moment, in Rostov the place for building PGU by capacity 26 MVt is already chosen, predesign works are spent, the approximate size of capital investments is planned.

summing up the solemn ceremony, all participants of the project have converged in a common opinion that building of this sort of objects - a unique strategic way to raise efficiency of power.