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In Krasnodar a bicycle route

the Krasnodar bicyclists at last will lay some years envied anapskim - on a resort supposedly special paths are, and in krajtsentre sweep with a breeze can to be life-threatening.

- If you move on proezzhej parts in one stream with legkovushkami and by trucks, it is possible to please under wheels or to run into the pedestrian who has suddenly got out of a minibus in the middle of street, - Anton, which we tormoznuli in city centre explains nuances of inconveniences veloljubitel.

-   Movement on sidewalk also do not deliver pleasure. Here you will shiver, as an old feed bag, jumping from a border on a border as if the equestrian - the beginner on horse jumps, and to disturb to pedestrians, - Igor echoes it. - normal congresses from sidewalk in the afternoon with fire not to find.    

Since recent time the mayor of Krasnodar Vladimir Evlanov has attended to a problem from giving active blogerov. Such, as the enthusiast Olga Stanina. It now the girl - the constant participant of working group on creation velomarshrutov, and couple of months back it has only accurately formulated a city problem at a meeting of head with blogerami.

- Bicyclists in Krasnodar becomes more and more (according to some information,   nearby 5 - 6 thousand. - a bus comment). But for them there are no paths and parkings, but there are high borders, - has expressed then the girl universal indignation and has there and then asked:

- As in krajtsentre with it will struggle?

- All large roads which will reconstruct, we will design under velodorozhki, - Vladimir Lazarevich has promised and has offered: - And let`s gather in the day off when there are not enough cars, we take some lines in a city which we will take away for movement of bicycles.

the cooperation Flywheel has twirled. For today it is already planned   the first (while « trotuarnyj ») Trial velomarshrut and even points of parkings (look the scheme) are designated. It   the ring: will begin from trading - the entertaining centre « Red Square » and there will return. Will mention streets Dzerzhinsky, Innovators, Turgeneva, Kalinin, Bryusov, Tanning, Kuban quay, with arrival in park 30 - letija October (by sports palace « the Olympus ») Krasin, Postovuju, Red, Highway of Oil industry workers, Luzana, Dzerzhinsky. To finish the project it is supposed till the end of the year. Why here should pass velodorozhka, authors of the project explain simply: there are convenient wide sidewalks and few pedestrians. Officials recognise that the developed building in city centre does not allow to make separate velodorozhki on proezzhej a part. To take away a piece of road from the driver - means to run into anger of owners of a car. For this reason it decided to combine velozonu with foot roads.


By the way, according to management dorozhno - a bridge economy, for this purpose it is required to equip about 200 descents and liftings on borders. And not only on the specified route. For example, works already are conducted in the street Stavropol. And parkings are available while in three places: on « Red Square » on Red/ the World and on Gymnasia, 65.

Krasnodartsy, got used to make a vesper promenade, have pricked up the ears. As though they had not to turn aside now from rushing with a velocity of light   teenagers. After all while it is not clear how to protect bicyclists from other participants of movement. Discussions on this subject proceed. Strange also seems that it is necessary to assort a tile instead of equipping streets with convenient ramps. Besides, it is not clear, a leah will be possible to replace as a result krasnodartsev on are great to rescue a city choking with stoppers.


to Return dvuhkolesnik it is possible in any place of a city!

Now   bicycles   are most popular in the countries Northern and Western   Europe. Most « bicycle » the country   Europe   — Denmark, the average inhabitant of this country drives for a year   on     a bicycle   893 kilometres. Modern popularity   a bicycle     in     to Europe   — result of a policy spent by the governments, as popularisation   a bicycle   contributes in unloading of the centres of cities from cars, to improvement of ecological conditions, and also improves health of people. In many big cities   Europe   (Together with the USA) exist hire systems   bicycles, which include set of special parkings, on which it is possible automatically (on a credit card or the special subscription) to take   a bicycle. To return   a bicycle   it is possible on any convenient parking. Such systems are in Stockholm, Paris, London and other cities.

In Copenhagen it is possible to take   a bicycle   for rent free of charge, and for any term. Such   bicycles   under the threat of the penalty it is forbidden to use out of Copenhagen. Unusual design and a colouring   bicycles   do not allow to give out them for the own.

Dear readers! And where you would suggest to lay velomarshruty and what wishes would like to pass authors of the project? Tell about it in the comments.