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The bride of three grooms

In the beginning of a way road always a straight line. The wide free way is stretched to the horizon, without calling any doubts. But sooner or later the road starts to wind and deduces to crossroads. And here as in a fairy tale - on the left you will go, to the right you will go? The main thing - not to be mistaken and choose a right direction.

Many heroes have laid down lives and have deformed the destinies on those crossroads. The one who on life road is conducted by firm belief and belief in the mission is happy. But much more those who on imprudence, on thoughtlessness, or even casually turn off not on that path. Here their wanderings also begin. The lost the way wanderers all life aspire to return on a right way - that that so was freely and widely stretched to the horizon.

Light, the heroine of the new novel of Galina Artemevoj, three times in the life heard the most important words: « I marry you! » « leave for me! » « Be my wife! ». Three grooms, three offers, three destinies. How here not to be mistaken. And the company has stolen up, frankly speaking, not trivial. The child-hood friend, the first love. Rescued Svetoj the stranger, appeared the hired killer.

the Rich Italian fellow-heir and the businessman, capable to organise present « dolche vita ». Tenderness, fear and passion became the weapon of each of them. Life will show, who from them becomes true love who will guide danger of death and who will offer a helping hand and will ward off disaster.