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Why in the west drivers break traffic regulations less?

after five years Sergey has arrived to holiday home and till now in a little shock of that is created on our roads. Why at us drivers so it is free concern traffic regulations and why in Canada all try observe these rules?

- Sergey that most of all shocked you on our roads?

With. P:

-   Now cars became more several times. And though drivers behave more - less cultural, are not present such as was in 90 - h, but during too time constantly cut, overtake, get on a roadside... For me it is already unusual. In Canada if there is a certain quantity of strips, means, drivers should move on the strip, on a roadside do not go.  

- Sergey lives near to Toronto. Can there at you stoppers is not present?

- If the stopper was formed, means, drivers long-sufferingly wait both hour and two. There very rigid requirements if you will break rules, means, will fine. And penalties very high. If to exceed speed, for example, on 20 kilometres, it where - that 95 dollars. If on 30 km, approximately 195 dollars, 40 km – an order 250. And if to exceed on 50 km, it already 10   000 penalty. It is comparable to car cost.

- the Monitoring system   on roads there it is more developed?

- There there are videocameras, there is a video shooting from the helicopter. Therefore if to exceed speed on fast of police the car stop and speak, on what site speed has been exceeded. Drivers try not to break traffic regulations and move according to those signs which are on roads.

- the Canadian drivers do not have habit, to warn each other a blinking of headlights, what there is a police?

- If it also will be, it there will be Russian. It too threatens with the penalty. All drivers and citizens are accustomed to observe the law. To blink each other, it is not accepted to inform there. There to the contrary, it is accepted to inform in police on infringement of traffic regulations from other drivers.

- And Russian it is a lot of in Canada?

- Yes. In Toronto the diaspora totals about 200 thousand, Russian. It about 10 %.

- It turns out, what those who 4 - 5 years ago in Russia, or in Ukraine broke traffic regulations, in Canada are reforged for some years?

- It turns out that so. All are brought under one frameworks if you want to break rules break, will pay accordingly the penalty.

the Call to studio:

- My name is Sergey. My driver`s experience of 27 years. I look, how at us movement in a city is worthlessly adjusted. We will admit, there are 2 strips if to go on roundabout, and suddenly on Kuibyshev turn on the left one strip, and one strip goes directly. And all start to cut, go on a roadside. The same on turn on « Self-praises ». In Bogolyubov, turn on Suromnu, there narrowing and as though a pedestrian crossing and a stop. There constant failures, people force down. All climb, 3 numbers turn out. How in Canada movement, the same turns on the left is organised?

- If turn on the left, there should be an arrow. Or a pocket on a strip. If turn to the right,   at red light it is resolved. Should approach on a traffic light, stop, be convinced that there are no pedestrians.

the Call to studio:

- My name is Alexey. I consider, while exists at us such oprichnina in Russia, all and will be. There are two categories of citizens, those which can break it and what should not break. What should not break, them in every possible way catch, withdraw money, the rights select and etc. And second half vlastimushchih, all of them can do. Equality just as in Canada, Europe, until then the situation cardinally will not change will not be restored yet.

- Thanks. Sergey, and Canadian   mass-media inform often, what policemen have detained the chief for excess of speed, or the large official? Such cases pass?

- Yes, pass. About the chief did not hear, and from mayoralty managements happens come across.  

- Sergey, about 10 years ago in Russia there was on a broader scale slightly other psychology at drivers on roads. Then on a broader scale there was a law of jungle: who has more than cars, that is always right. Why natives of the USSR so are quickly reconstructed and start itself to conduct as civilised citizens?

- the First - the driver safeguards the and passengers. The second – there high penalties and very expensive insurance. The greatest insurance on jeeps. The minimum insurance of an order of 100 dollars in a month. 1200 in a year. It is the serious sum. If, for example, the driver till 25 years, or the person has the car of red colour, this car of the raised danger is considered that. The insurance can be to 500 dollars a month.

- We have got used to nod that at us GAI stays idle, roads bad. How Canadian drivers participate in the traffic organisation ? Well, besides that is regular « tap » on the companions in police?  

- Usually drivers inform or in road service, or in police, on holes on a road covering.

- And at us simply use foul language and go further.  

- In the same place there are special services which are on duty on the roads, equipped with a portable radio set, the Internet. If there were stoppers these cars leave quickly and in a current   several minutes solve problems.

- As it is quickly possible to be reconstructed from the Russian style of driving, to civilised style of driving? How much on it it was required to you and thy spouse?

- Probably half a year. At them it is a lot of traffic lights. And without a difference, you go with a speed   60 kilometres per hour, or 40, to a following traffic light come can be for some seconds later. So where to hurry? Drivers get used, and the sense is not present to break and go faster. Canadians go easy, in friendly atmosphere, nobody cuts each other. If someone has to leave, has given a signal a hand and you can turn easy. All will pass, even if there is a stream.

- Well and how much it was required to you to time on psychological lomku that the first time to call in police and to inform about the hooligan on road which exceeds speed?

- At me such was not.

- Russian – remain Russian and in Canada!


Examination in traffic regulations in Canada hand over all: both drivers and pedestrians.

If you have caught drunk at the wheel after an execution of the punishment on your car compulsorily establish the device which at any moment can demand from you check on alcohol. And if you in a current of several minutes not dyhnul in a tube or in breath alcohol steams were found out, the car glohnet, and waits for the driver deprivation of the rights.