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Show begins!

200 supersize waggons, 2184 cubic metre metallokonstruktsy, hundreds boxes with tools and the equipment, cable kilometres, under one thousand person of the personnel … No, it not building of the next shopping centre or underground parking place. On Vorobevyh mounts preparation for the most entertainment event of year - « has begun; the Alpha - Show 4D ».

that for a show we should see in the City Day, on September, 4th in 22. 00, have written after us almost all large editions. A subject have picked up blogery, news was carried on sarafannomu radio, has reached the most distant regions: in honour of the 20 - summer anniversary the Alpha bank has invited in David Atkinsa`s capital - the person who was a producer of opening of the Olympic games in Sydney and Vancouver, and now will transform a facade of the main building of the Moscow State University in huge (25 000 square metres!) The screen for demonstration of three dimensional video.

About the show you can read on our site, and tomorrow you will see in the newspaper the small photo report how David Atkinsa`s command prepares for birthday of Moscow. For now -

here what figure: to visit show plan some hundreds thousand persons. Behind invitation cards in the fan - a zone which the bank extended in the Moscow branches within three days, people came almost from - for Ural Mountains: the agiotage round forthcoming event has risen the serious. Therefore, in - the first that similar shows did not see even the spoilt Moscow, in - the second, already now the presence on show was confirmed with most star of stars of a platform, sports, large politicians and businessmen and to appear in such company interesting already in itself. Well and at last, show - a gift to Moscow, and an input on it free is absolute for all visitors. And it should be underlined once again: an input free. So do not come across in traps which have already appeared on the Internet. If to you offer invitation for money are only swindle.