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Alexey Uchitel will shoot a film under not published book of Zahara Prilepina

We have taken an interest, with what prime ministers it will surprise spectators in the near future

Now Alexey Uchitel together with Alexander Mendadze works over the scenario to a film « the Eight » under even neopublished book of Zahara Prilepina. Under the arrangement with the writer the book leaves simultaneously with a picture premiere.

– Saving an intrigue about what a film, I will tell only that is modern history about four guys - OMON fighters, - the director has told to us. - film events begin on New Year`s Eve 1999, and the ending occurs on January, 1st 2000, that is our history - on a boundary of centuries and on border of genres of a melodrama and the insurgent. Shootings will begin in December. We search for actors for leading roles. Most likely, it will be young actors unfamiliar to the spectator, and from those who has had time to become famous at cinema, at us Anton Shagin should act in film.

- In a picture « Edge » There were many dangerous tricks in which actors, instead of stuntmen participated. A leah the risk for the sake of staginess is always defensible?

the Wife of the Cyrus helps Alexey Uchitelju with work on its many films.

- I am convinced that actors that the spectator saw familiar faces, instead of effective general plans in which stuntmen participate should carry out many tricks. In a film « Edge » the considerable part of tricks was done by Mashkov. Races on steam locomotives created sensation of danger though for actors it there was not the most risky moment in a shot. But there were other cases really life-threatening when Volodja Mashkov hardly has not sunk in the ice river. From - for noise of the mountain river he has not heard the command « Stop » also has slipped that place where stuntmen insuring him waited, and has floated further to mountain thresholds. But, thank God, all has ended well.

- you began work at cinema as the documentation officer, and after a film « Mania of Zhizeli » were switched to game cinema. There are plans to return in dokumentalistiku?

- While it is more interesting to me to shoot game film, but I would like to remove a documentary film about Peter Fomenko, about Valerii Gergiev. These people for me are mysterious and not clear. Other question how to find for this purpose time? After a film « the Eight » The following big project on financial expenses should begin. It will be more expensive than a film « Edge » (that cost about 11 million dollars – red.), in it will act in film not only ours « stars » but also foreign. But early while to show all maps and names.