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In SelPO - all the freshest!

in village Novotulka the people and hope for the authorities, and itself not ploshaet. Spouses of Silence, for example, have counted on meat. To be engaged in animal industries it, as they say, god ordered: Larissa Jurevna has worked of 20 years the veterinary surgeon in collective farm which has collapsed together with the USSR. Today in an economy live about four tens pigs, but any more they define a principal view of activity of a hardworking family.   one year ago Silences have made an application on participation in the regional program of the consumers` co-operative society giving chance to open business with the least expenses (the equipment can be bought on polovinnoj to the price). So in Novotulke has appeared   a consumer society « Hvorostjansky SelPO » buying from the population surpluses of meat, vegetables and all other that is made on personal farmsteads. Larissa Jurevna with Ivan Anatolevichem have relieved fellows villager of efforts on production sale: They realise the goods in the various markets - as behind a counter, and to the neighbouring organisations (in school, boarding houses), and even deliver to the house. Thanks to grants have bought « a gazelle » a refrigerating machinery, will soon get a contribution link on meat processing. Soon in Novotulke there will be firm pelmeni and manty from Tishinyh who, apparently, will use huge demand - after all all know that meat on forcemeat will go   exclusively fresh, grown up there and then, on non-polluting forages. And in October in village the new shop which has been built up practically from zero will open, - show-windows and counters are already established, things are easy - to buy scales. Will be called, in the best rural traditions, it is simple - « SelPO ».

- purchase and sale Questions always stood at us sharply enough, therefore the advantage of the enterprise of Larissa Jurevny is difficult for overestimating, - Olga Leonov, the head of rural settlement Novotulka considers. - Now that we grow up, we can safely hand over on realisation, passing various secondhand dealers. The problem of maintenance of inhabitants by foodstuff in-home is solved also. Now we with impatience wait for opening of shop and department of processing which will deliver us fresh half-finished products. And, of course, there will be additional workplaces!