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The director of Open Company Spiegel Alexander Burgart: has never regretted that was engaged in agriculture

the epoch Mirror

Stories when the simple rural fellow diligently studies, diligently works and as a result is beaten out in people, it is a lot of. But this has own, unique features. Alexander Burgart comes from Kazakhstan. As well as it is necessary in a classical vital fairy tale, studied, has proved the good organizer, 15 years built gas pipelines, supervised over own brigade. And then it it is unexpected … has pulled in village! And having exchanged fifth ten, Alexander Rudolfovich has thrown everything, than lived before, and was engaged in agriculture.

- My friend has told to me that in Hvorostjansky area farms on joint Russian - to the German project will be organised, - he remembers. - And me for a long time pulled to the earth, I missed village, here and have decided to use a case and to return to village. Besides on a nationality I the German, therefore could take part in the project.

As well as to other participants of the project, Alexander Burgartu have allocated 80 hectares of the earth, have constructed the house in Makarevke and have released in « free swimming ». Alexander Rudolfovich has named the economy « Spiegel » that in transfer means « a mirror ». And really, history   the farmer   with all its difficulties and victories became an original mirror of an epoch.

Wheat, a potato   and a soya

Today Open Company « Spiegel » - the successful agricultural enterprise working in territory at once of three areas: except Hvorostjansky area Alexander Burgart processes next bezenchukskie and privolzhskie fields. Offices and technics are scattered on several villages.

Makarevka, Solovevo, Topolek, Maslennikovo - everywhere here to the place of the destroyed collective farms   the new zealous owner has come. On nine thousand hectares of the earth (six of them - in Hvorostjansky area)   there was a place both for winter wheat, and for barley, and for sunflower.

- Average productivity of wheat on an economy - 10 - 15 centners from hectare, barley - 30, - in details are listed by Alexander Rudolfovich. - Sunflower, of course, culture profitable, but I try not to abuse it, I observe a crop rotation.

On special to the bill in an economy a soya. Open Company « Spiegel » grows up it the sixth year successively. Even without watering the crop reaches 12 - 13 centners from hectare, and steady procurement price of this culture gained time and again an economy.

this year Alexander Burgart has decided to be engaged in a potato seriously.

- Water is, means, it is necessary to grow up a potato, - he speaks. - While we have sowed 55 hectares local seeds, but further we will necessarily extend. Have already bought all technics necessary for a potato, qualitative German combines. We will necessarily restore also the system of an irrigation destroyed in Post-Soviet years.

Modern technologies raise a crop

the Economy Alexander Burgart conducts on - modern. Do not plough here years 10, processing the earth with the help resursosberegajushchej technologies of deep loosening and superficial processing of soil.

- Last autumn I have risked to sow 2 thousand hectares of winter wheat in absolutely dry after is abnormal hot summer soil, - Alexander Burgart remembers. - Thanks to modern technologies we have received a quite good crop and have provided myself with seeds this year.

Technics in Open Company « Spiegel » too all modern. With the help « Rosselhozbanka » and « Privolzhskagrolizinga » Alexander Burgart has provided an economy with qualitative German combines and the American tractors, a sowing Canadian complex and potato combines. The new technics appears here practically every year, for example, this year Alexander Rudolfovich has got grain combine Class.

- Middle age of workers of an economy - 30 - 35 years, - is told by him. - though say that on has got down to work the people does not go, I only this year have employed six young perspective experts. They work for me on the modern technics, but also, work here stable and well paid.

Children remained « on the earth »

In spite of the fact that Alexander Rudolfovicha`s children have all possibilities for life in a city, they have preferred to remain « on the earth ». With the father two adult sons work. Evgenie - operating branch « Spiegel » in Makarevke, Robert is responsible for technics. And daughter Elena has opened 4 shops and now supplies inhabitants at once several villages with products.

- Certainly,   agricultural manufacture - difficult work, - speaks Alexander Burgart. - But for all this time I have never regretted that have not left to Germany (though such possibility at me was), and have never regretted that was engaged in agriculture.