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Moving of shabby habitation should be accelerated

Under the information which have been laid out on page of Jardeputat in Fejsbuke, in 2011 in a city is planned to settle 9,3 thousand in sq. m. of shabby and emergency habitation. Addresses of houses which will go under a pulling down are known.

In the meantime for the first half of the year of this year the plan on moving is executed while less, than half. For July, 1st it has been released all 3,5 thousand in sq. m. of shabby and emergency habitation. New apartments instead of the old have received 106 families (248 persons). However city authorities hope for financing from the federal and regional budget. If all goes, as reflects, the initial plan, probably, it will be possible even to exceed. In particular, within the limits of realisation of actions for moving taking into account means of fund of assistance to housing and communal services reforming it is planned to provide with new habitation of 159 families (520 persons) and to liquidate 5,5 thousand in sq. m. old. And means from the regional budget will give the chance to move 6 more families and to liquidate 169,2 sq. m. of habitation.

In September, 2011 it is planned to place in operation an apartment house in the street Star where will move a part of tenants of emergency fund.

What houses will take down in 2011:

- street Shpalnaja, 39;

- street 1 - aja Station, 18/ 9;

- the lane Country, 8;

- street the Pine pine forest, 1 (3);

- B.Norsky`s street, 15;

- K.Libknehta`s street, 13/ 14;

- settlement street October, 16.