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Ljube : In small cities? With pleasure!

in remote places public is more hospitable

Why capital actors so like to act on regional platforms? Over the answer musicians do not reflect for a second:

-   Public in Leningrad region very hospitable, warm, sincere. And that a sin to conceal - without gifts we from here never leave! Though, of course, it not the main thing, - is told by the musician of group « Ljube » Paul Usanov.

Perhaps therefore « Ljube » so love in small cities of our country, as through twenty with superfluous years in their songs all the same facts of life and dushevnost.   Without pathos, loud slogans and appeals. Only such warm lyrics close to everyone Russian person and love for the country...

Well and after in group repertoire there was a song executed together with fighters « Alphas » - Lieutenant colonel Alexey Filatovym and major Gennady Sokolovym, the national love to group became even stronger. After all among admirers « Ljube » - people of the most different age and the status.

By the way, « Ljube » one of few groups, which majority of admirers - the severe men appreciating sincerity. The proof of national love - the overflowed concert platforms on which almost all population of small regional cities is flown down.

Tours on friendship

To Leningrad region « Ljube » comes, it is possible to tell, on acquaintance, thanks to old friendly relations between the leader of group Nikolay Rastorguev and the deputy of the State Duma, the head of Multi-region coordination council of party « an United Russia » on Severo - to the Western federal district Sergey Petrov.

- Each time when us invite here to tours, we agree with pleasure, we postpone the performances in other cities, - Paul Usanov speaks.

the Big solo concert of group « Ljube » should become the central event of city walks on City Day commemorating in Vsevolozhsk in a past week-end. Already to the middle of day on a city main square people began to gather and to take places more conveniently. But the planned performance « Ljube » has not broken nearly. On personal circumstances the leader of group Nikolay Rastorguev could not arrive to Vsevolozhsk. Musicians and friends very much endured from - for arisen a swagger - a major. And even thought to cancel tours.

- We long thought what to do, cancel a concert or not. But I am simple on - chelovecheski have asked group collective to act in Vsevolozhsk. After all it is my small native land - I was born in Volkhov, have grown in Primorske, school finished in Kirishi. And me, as well as all inhabitants of Vsevolozhsk, it is pleasant to hear favourite songs, - Sergey Petrov speaks. - and I do not know more patriotic group on the Russian platform, than group « Ljube ». Who how not they, can tell about fair and pure love to Russia, to our small cities? And then - very much it would not be desirable to spoil to people a feast...

Sergey Petrov has executed some songs to the accompaniment of group « Ljube ».

On a scene together with « the Alpha »

And « Ljube » has acted. Have opened a concert the well-known song « On a high grass » which, by the way, professional actors of group have executed together with officers of legendary antiterrorist division « the Alpha ». The idea to write down a song together was born ten years ago when members of spetsnaz have shown to Rastorguev verses of the military journalist Yury Gladkevicha composed for two hours directly in the plane, flying of the Chechen Republic. Words like simple, but something in them are, and for soul they take on - former:

Without hearth or home -

Someone will tell in a pang, -

has acquired Nothing, has not saved,

Only belief and truth ministered.

But more richly I was not present on light since then,

As into the earth native have stepped,

As have walked on it barefoot.

Sergey Petrov, in the past too the military man Has stepped on the stage also. As he admitted to us after a concert, to act on one scene with « Ljube » and fighting officers « Alphas » for it the present event. Though together with favourite group sang any more once.

- Verses of all songs « Ljube » are penetrated by love to the country, to our huge Native land consisting of the big and small cities. Both group, and songs are favourite in the people, and not at that part of the population which it is accepted to name show - business, namely those people who love Russia. And it is very expensive to me, - Sergey Valerevich admitted.

He has remembered, how some years ago group « Ljube » together with officers « Alphas » has arrived on tour to Beslan. And the concert has not been broken nearly from - for an incessant applause - inhabitants of Beslan have not forgotten, as members of spetsnaz own bodies closed their children from bullets of terrorists.  

- So to sing on a scene with such heroes - the present honour, - Sergey Petrov has added. - with pride I can tell that we are united by one - patriotism and love for the country.  

Youth ensembles of a song and dancing acted encore.

« What is the patriotism? Love to the city, a family, relatives... »

In repertoire « Ljube » always there were songs on actual social, political and historical subjects. However musicians at all do not consider themselves as a unique example of patriotism.

- In the history of Russia many worthy examples of patriotism, courage, selflessness. It needs to be nurtured on the best examples from a cinema, the literature, art. We too, maybe, bring the mite - in our songs there is a part of how we concern the country. Love the city, a family, relatives as be able. It also will be patriotism, - the leader of group « has told; Ljube » Nikolay Rastorguev in one of interview « generation - not lost

We should take an interest at collective « Ljube » their opinion concerning youth. All - taki group songs are most popular in the senior generation, and young men here is how react to their creativity?

- Certainly, the youth different, is those who loves the native land and more than the senior generation, and there are also those to whom that is called, « on a drum ». But such, fortunately, all - taki is less, - Paul Usanov continues. - We communicate with military men and we see, how much the young heroes who have proved in various fighting situations, it come from remote places. So we have not lost young generation.

- I consider, about great - education of patriotism, love for the country - it is not necessary to speak much. These high words from - for frequent repetitions start to smell slightly of populism, - Sergey Petrov has added. - first of all to grow the children, nurture in them feeling of patriotism and then all will be normal. I, for example, very much worried about the children which growing was necessary for the uneasy reorganisation period of revaluation of values. But now I for them am quiet - mine the son and the daughter know history of native land and love it. And on a broader scale, I want to tell, while people sing group songs « Ljube » at our country the big future.