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The passport for a tomato

More and more people reflect on the health and try to buy local vegetables and fruit, instead of grown up where - that in Turkey on soil generously flavoured with chemicals.

Certainly, business by it with might and main uses. After all the same cucumbers which have been grown up in Moscow suburbs, cost more expensive much more of the foreign. Temptation to give out one for another it is great.

As we are made a fool by the sellers assuring, what their vegetables and fruit local? Than stuff plants for the sake of the prompt reception of profit? Authors of the next program from a cycle « Inhabitancy » have spent big « vegetable investigation ».

Correspondents of the program have found out, a leah really tomatoes from the markets have grown in Baku, apples - in Krasnodar, and cucumbers - in Lukhovitsy. For this purpose they have bought vegetables and fruit and have gone on them ostensibly « the historical native land ».

It has appeared, more half of vegetables and fruit which are on sale in the markets, are grown up in Europe and China. And to us them sell under the pretext of Abkhazian, Krasnodar and etc.

Journalists have made curious experiment: at the desire of the program one pensioner has planted two beds of the cucumbers one of which watered with the forbidden fertilizers, and on another did market gardening without any chemistry. The result was obvious: from the first bed the woman has collected three times more cucumbers. And after all the person ignorant hardly will understand, where what vegetable.

the Individual question - the goods price. Why - that the Russian vegetables cost more expensive of the foreign. Though should be to the contrary - for example, Turkish tomatoes still need to be brought for many kilometres, to pay the duty at customs...

Alas, our production rises in price where « ohotnee »: the correspondent of transfer has done a way from Krasnodar to Moscow in a truck cabin, gruzhennogo a potato. Also has learnt, why the vegetable on road has risen in price almost seven times - with 8 to 50 roubles.    

Alas, it is necessary to complain about the prices only. But to distinguish qualitative vegetables and fruit from bad all - taki it is possible. Experts « Inhabitancies » among which employees of Rosselhoznadzora, rastenievody, farmers, directors of agroindustrial complexes, will in detail tell, how it to make.

« Inhabitancy. What is worse than a bitter radish? ». Today, night. The first