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In Samara have divided superfluous budget money

the Budget of Samara has increased on 548   088,9 thousand roubles. And the most part of money, 359 million, has entered city treasury thanks to taxes to physical persons and sale of the municipal property. About where to direct money, dared at Municipal duma session. As a result about 20 million roubles will leave on building of objects of culture. 4,5 million more - on improvement of living conditions for families of the former military men. The most considerable sum, 359   574,1 will are distributed under article « financing of expenses within the limits of realisation of questions of local value ». This money will spend for education, public health services, purchase of modern harvest technics and putting in order of roads. More particularly – secret behind seven seals. Anyway, while.  

At Duma session spoke, as the budget accustomed to the first half of the year 2011 - go. In total city authorities   it is spent 6,761 876,8 thousand roubles. It – 44,4 % from all money which should spend for a year. Articles most actively accustomed: « National defence » « Social policy » and « Education ». Least « Preservation of the environment ». For half a year it is mastered only 5,2 % from the planned sums. Thanks to what expenses on protection of this environment will be, most likely, considerably reduced. Probably, with ecology in Samara of problems is not present.