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The family dynasty of Elistratovyh revives Vladimirovku

the Family dynasty of Elistratovyh well know in Hvorostjansky area. Family head Vladimir Nikolaevich has arrived in Vladimirovku more 40 years ago on distribution. Began the path simple   vetvrachom, and in seven years has headed local collective farm of

V.Surkova. At the time of reorganisation   on a place of the former collective farm   has created the new enterprise - Joint-Stock Company « the Dewdrop » which collected on grains   from isolated farms and   the out of work collective farmers. For a small time interval   the smog not only rises to the feet, but also earn a rank of one   from the best economy of southern region of the Samara region.

the Keystone to success - technics, technologies and seeds

Today Joint-Stock Company « the Dewdrop » Processes 8 hectares of an arable land, growing up all set of cultures traditional for our district - wheat, a rye, barley, grechihu, oats, nut, sunflower. Average productivity on an economy makes 27 centners from hectare.

- the Earth at us sandy, demands leaving, fertilizers, - Vladimir Elistratov tells. - Therefore already more

12 years we do not plough the earth, and we cultivate it on modern resursovlagosberegajushchej technologies deep loosening and superficial processing. Straw we crush and we leave on fields as additional fertilizer. Thanks to such way of processing of the earth we managed to receive quite good   a crop even last droughty year.

Great attention in an economy give to a modern hardware. Lately Joint-Stock Company « the Dewdrop » has got a press - a sorter, skating rinks, the crane, a seeder « Kuzbas » and a combine « Vektor » and other useful technics. In the nearest plans - acquisition of a new import combine and several tractors.

Not for a good harvest seeds have smaller value also. In « to the Dewdrop » use own, giving particular attention to their preparation. In the beginning the grain intended for the further crops, carefully blow a current of air, separating on relative density, and then some times calibrate, sorting by size. As a result shoots on fields grow in regular intervals, and no complexities with cleaning arise.

Besides earth processing, here hold the maslobojku, a pigsty on 300 goals, bakery, an apiary, not only providing internal needs of an economy, but also selling production all interested person.

the Vladimirskiy dynasty

it is unconditional, one of the patients for agriculture a question - shortage of hands. In Joint-Stock Company « the Dewdrop » work more than 120 persons. Many of them have arrived here to work from the next areas years 15 - 20 back, yes and remained for ever. The organisation has bought and has constructed   for workers of the house, and now by right it is possible to consider them as local residents. The salary, to the rural measures, quite good - in a month diligent machine operators following the results of a year earn to 30 thousand roubles. The requirement for hands for Vladimirovke is compensated by the rational organisation of work. So, if earlier on a current worked on 20 - 30 persons, now   manage forces 3 - 4 workers: using powerful sorting cars,   grain from combines gets at once on processing.

Elistratovy - a vivid example of the present family dynasty. Side by side with the family head work his wife Alevtina Nikolaevna, a right hand of the father - son Nikolay, dynasty continuation - grandson Matvej. Contrary to a popular belief that the youth prefers to get over in cities, Vladimir Nikolaevicha`s grandson - Matvej, having ended   agricultural institute on a speciality « Economy » also has returned in Vladimirovku though the perspective young expert in eager rivalry invited for work in a city.

- I like to work with the earth, it is pleasant to see results of the work, - he only smiles in reply to all arrangements to get over in a megacity.

Elistratovy not only aspire to raise from year to year a crop, but also care of the future generation and an accomplishment of native village.

So inhabitants of Vladimirovki should not worry for destiny of an economy - it in reliable hands.